Me in Japan: February 2004

   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well, I had to go to school today to see the ceremony for the 3rd year students graduation. It was intesting. They accually put out chairs for us to sit on... and it wsa the first time too. they had to give instructions how to sit in the proporly...... I thought that was outragously funny. Heres how to sit in a chair, 10 minutes on that. then the principle talked for an hour almost to the dot(literaly). Gave aout a few awards and then It was off to home. tomarrow no school.. nothing to do, I think I will go and look for som things people wanted.

We went up and took pictures of some Bed and Breskfasts they had done so they could put them on the website my host father started. I'de post a linl, but the site is quite poor and all Japanese. but nice try getting on the information super highway.

After that we drove forever and ended up seeing this fountian thing. It was water thta bubles out fo the ground and it's really good for you to drink. I went I drank I got he T-shirt. It wasn't that impresive. the were little bubbles you could see floating out of the ground and stuff. Finally onsen and Dinner. nothing much today but It was a good day for some reason. The morning was rain and it cleared up. that must have been teh good part of the day.

Last night I watched "The Otheres". I like that movie. But that wasn't the best part. I see a Commertial got an English school during the movie. and in the 5 minute long Ad was president Bus sing and dancing. It was so hilarious. It was lipsynced were they took a film and ran it backwards and forwards to what they wanted him to say. It was stuff like grouplearnig is fun for everyone. and English is a fun thing to learn. BUt he was singing! Although the voice was nothing like hte read Bush voice. During the thing they had footage of him walking that they would run back and forth really fast and make it seem like he was dancing to the music. I wanted nothing more that to record it and put it up here for everyone to laugh at.

Also esterday I went to a Yaki Niku rasteraunt wiht all the Kendo members and sied bye bye to teh 3rd year students who are graduating. THat was fun. the captian kept making one person eat weird mixed up things untill he couldn't hold it any longer and BUUUWAH! things like wasabi beef and Icecream, and something that smelled like paint thinner and was green in a cup. no one knew what it was.

I posted one picture of my Japanese Keyboard in Japan. It is a standard 109key board. Its on Picture page 14 on the right. I have other pictures but they arn't ready.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Exams are over, tomarow I get to go to kendo for the fist time in 2 weeks, I really miss hitting people on the head witha stick. I want to find somone in the states that would be willing to buy a しね and fight me. But need to have arom for that. and armor is expencive, 2000$ for a cheap plastic set. and plascit is jsut fine for oocational practice by the way. its quite strong accually. the mast is still metel i think though, which is a good thing. sticks are 30$ around here, really cheap. but they do break every now and then when you hit hard. I'm gonna buy one or two before heading back to America for sure. Display though really. ther is only one practice you can do wihtout armor and it's not incredibly fun. I suppose pillows would work for a while. :) lets try on my little brother first to make sure. heh.

Oh, Exams were the same old thing, don't think I passed any of them. Prgramming was kinda a pain. Math was ok on the second half but the first half was just bad... really bad..... Chemestry and economics were a joke. I did some things for chemestry. maybe i got a 12% on it, ecomics would be funny if i got one percent, i just guessed on all of them and practiced writing the kanji that was listed in the vocabualary box. electirity was kind ok maybe, I had to write an essay(in english9 for health about AIDS i think.... thats what I worte about anyways. I don't think anyone can read my hand writing except Danial anyways. SO tomarow is kendo, and that is a good thing after so much stress. I 'm wondering if i want to go back to kyudo or stay in kendo longer. I really enjoy kendo right now and don't want to leave. I made very good friends with the 8 people in the club and just got my armor. I will go everyday if there is kendo durning vaction. (you see, I am becoming Japanese after living here so long. I like onsens and I got to school on days I don't have to.)

I play SFA everynight. I have 624 kanji memorized according to the stats and i think that i realy have arount 500! that is really good for me, I can't remember my birthday sometimes! let alone other people's.
soon I will be the KANJI KING.

my cold is getting better just as I knew it would and predicted, to the day. "on wendsday it will peak and start falling and by monday or tuesday it will be a thing of the past." thats what i seid befor i started coughing at all. I always follow the EXACT same pattern when getting sick and know it well...

Oh, I been watching that extracker thing and its really nifty, people that are looking for "trip to japan" and this one really got me, "Shimatori kumamoto japan" in google are finding my page. people looking for volcano info are poppoin gup in here too, I should put Volcano picture up or something for them. click that little picture on the far left of the screen under the links box and you can see the data for yourself. 40 visitors form the states, 12 from Japan, 7 from canada, one from romaina, itialy, sweaden. Its kinda scary what i can pull out of all this data. imagin what other profesionals could pull out... not much on you spacificly, but the general traffic flow in and out of a site.

Monday, February 23, 2004

- to be a little more clear on what an Onsen is. here is an ok site for Information.... No I haven't gone to a Onsen were males and females mingle in the water. yet.

ahhhhh. Exams... so much to study for..... 5 hours just studying today you know, it is really boring.... heh, yea right... 5 minutes is more like it. today I had tests on Electricity and Japanese. I think the first test was ok, not a passing grade, but ok. I didn't turn in my japanese test. I could't anserw any of the questions. but tht is for peoplel who speak Japanese for 16 years of there entire life! I had less than one. It was to be expected. tomarow i have more tests that i will fail and wensday I will pass thoes 3 tests. I'll blog about them after I take 'em though.

Today was only 2 hours long so we went to the small hotel my hostfather is finishing up on and I mostly vacumed the finished rooms and stuff. It is the same one he's been workng on for 2 monthes now. It should be all done by the end of the week. The third floor has to be done still though. THey have LCD TVs in all the rooms. and 3 of them in one of the big rooms. that is nice!!!!!! they are smal though. 3 chanels to choose from. :P

After finishing up for the day we went to an Onsen as usual, some new one that we just drove around and picked one. It was nice but nothing compared to the ones we normaly go to.... but it was half the price of the ones we normaly go to. 2$ per person to take a bath, Japanese do wierd things huh, but I suppose you fill up bath water and heat it it goes over 2$ in the end anyways huh? on the way there we saw a ton of wild monkeys eating in a small field. THEY ARE SO COOL! the go t litle red faces and the jump around. I wanted to go pet one, or feed one, but couldn't. agian no monkeys for me.

Still studying Kanji with LeaRN Japanese more than ever, everynight. The have been more update recently to the program and its starting to get really good, I have almost 500 kanji learned, but I only knwo the english meanings. Its ok, I figute them out in teh wild from what i learnd. like no smoking and other stuff. I just figure that kanji out yesterday(no smoking)

I will write up a post of what i did yesterday too.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Americans get in clumps in Japan... not good for Japanese.. It was the same bunch from went we all seen the Matrix together, witch i forgot to blog about too.. I took the bus!!! by myself!!! for the first iem ever. I got on knowing it was going to somewhere downtown and it left me right at shimatori.... I was an hour early bu tok, ealy is always better than late. We gathered at starbucks and one person decided that he would meat us at another starbucks so we had to track him down. Starbuck are all over the place here in Japan too. Just like 7/11 and mcdonalds.

Whe got to the theater and sat down. before the movie started everyone was talking really loud and then it started. The lord of the rings. No talking for 3.5 hours. just.... ooooooo he's gonna die, oh, nope he's ok, don't worry. I liked it though. After the movie we all eat dinner at some resteraunt. good stuff there, I will remember that place. Then It was time to get on teh bus.... one of the 100's of busses that go by the stop in front of comitori..... I found my kanji that i was looking for that my host mom wrote down for me to use ase referance. 13 minutes to wait..... buss came 2 minutes late and it was smooth sailing from there. It felt so good to finaly get somone to show me how to use the bus. I was going to use it today with or without help though. I think I would have figured it out eventually. I'm not sure if I would have seen the kanji on the bus i was looking for though. I was looking for the toshima kanji and really I need to look for 三山 the last stop on the rougt.

I'm looking on how to get Kanji to apear for everyone. grand ma say she sees, and grampa says he's blind. BAH! computers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

seems I need to tell people about my host family that I am with now. My new home is 20 ~ 25 minutes from school by bike every morning. mostly downhill in the morning and up hill on the way back. They own a construction company and it is attached to the house. Both biuldings are 2 stories tall and are technicly attached, but it is like a duplex; you must go out side to get to the offic sections. They have a warehouse and lumberyard out in the middle of nowhere for all teh big stuff and keep small and expencive things here at the house. Unlocked and almost in plain sight. The office has a DSL connection , I thinkk, that I get access to Via 802.11 wireless network. It really gets slow somtimes, but othertimes it goes like lightning. I have to pu my computer on teh window sill to gett a strong signial though.

The area name is Toshima, 6th block. IT is on the very edge of the city, I see fields of rice and stuff growing out side my window and Biking into the city is no problem, but coming back is kinda a pain. It is 40 minutes on bike to shimatori, the big shopping distric where everything happens. There have been mafia shootings at shimatori too. I missed the action by about a half hour once. I take the dogs for a walk out on the field roads. There are 3 dogs here, some Japanese breed I think. one male, two females. If you don't let the male out of his cage he won't let you touch him and is mean, but after you put him on a lesh there is no problem, he's happy.

My host mom does office things most of the time. My host father goes to the site and works. They are nice people. WE go to an onsen every weekend, especialy one u pni the mountians, it isn't as crowed often. sometimes we go to one in the city that is really good sized but there are lots of people there all the time. Breakfast is the same every morning; a boild egg, toast, yogurt, milk, and half a grape fruit. It is some diet they are trying and I just followed lead, no need to make a special thing for me. although every now and then they change the toast with a Japanese style BLT. I told my host mom how to make them and she messed up but it was good so she kept it. She doesn't cook the bacon. It's weird, maybe just a little heat is put to the meat.

my host father insists on Ice cream every single night. Tehy buy a tone of Ice cream from 7/11 every week and come home witha bag full of varaities. I usually eat the cone type Ice cream and he likes the ones that are like pocicles. m host mom just takes what ever, no preferance.

Every weekend ther is somthing to do, there always seems to be somthing involving gold every other week at least. I whent to an accual golf course my second week in this house. It was fun, I got a 116 or somthing like that. I don't remember exactly. It was ok, my score that is..

they always go to bed at 9:00 or some time near that. I watch CNN or discovory chanel for a while usually then Go to my room and practice Kanji and typeing. Read my mail and send out replys. Catch up on websites that I like to read often. Send e-mail on my cell phone to friends like Ben in Tamana. I update the web site during this time now. I get to sleep around 12:00 or 1:30. I study kanji and typeing for 2~3 hours depending on how My tieredness level is. I don't get to sleep untill then any ways. School is at 8:30 and my host mom yells for me at 7:15. I can eatin 15 minutes take my time waking up after that and be out the door at 7:50. My first/next Host family wakes my up at 6:00. I like this setup.

Time at night gives me lots of time to write long reports like this when people want to know things. I still need to get programming again and finish up that Picture page update soft. That is what I will finish my night tonight doing. I practiced untill I was sick of kanji. Typing is an endless struggle that I fight hard. I think tonight I have a record low typo and "..." count. I have about an hour and 45 minutes till I can sleep. Maybe I will cut out early because my cold is starting to fade out. That means I should be able to start to sleep soon. No big classes tomarow at school; English, Japanese with the boring teacher that wants to sleep more than me usually, then four hours of computers. I probly Just jynxed myself right there and Java will be over this week. There are only two weeks of school left for this school year and March is no school.


^ still working on how to get everyone to see Japanese..... aparently UTF-8 wasn't the best way. can anyone see anything other than boxes?

Monday, February 16, 2004

WEEE!!! i got UTF set up corectly..... Finally.. but I wonder if you will see any Japanese or not.. With my luck you will not. Well Its not like you can read it anyways. I know all Japanese computers should be able to read it at least. I maight figure out Shit-JIS some day... If that is what I need to do.

you know what? you can tell my tiredness by how many "."'s i put after a sentance.... YOu see lots of them, combinde with way too many typos and it usually means that I'm tired. In chat rooms it gets worse as i need to type faster

cold?flu really suck.........

I have been sick for a while now and to day it was a REALLY nice day and half day of school...... I got home eat lunch and took some medicine... then I slept thought the entire day........ it is 18:45 now.. the good day is gone and I didn't get to walk the dogs....

I don't know were winter went to.. in my mind, It was December until 2 days ago and I jumped all the way to march / april today. Its really weird...... I need masive amounts of snow... on the other hand...... I don't have to shovel snow...

I'm off, jaa ne.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Today is my real B-day. And I don't knwo why we celebrated yesterday. The went to a restreaunt that serves mainly meat. It was momo's family. I suppose it is my older host brother's family... or older host sister.... don't know how we are related... It easier to think of them as another family.... well, anyhoo, We whent to this restreanunt and there was a waiting list of 13 people. to use up time we just walked thought a supper market across the parking lot. that was great. just walking around a super market. We went back and had to wait about 10 minutes at the resteraunt. They serve a huge plate of meat that is uncooked and you have gas burners at your table that you cook it with yourself. REally good but then you remember that in JApan meat is really expencive. the billl came to over 200$ I think. I don't remember but I'm pritty sure that is what I heard. that was for 4 adults, me, and 2 small kids. with just my host parents and me it came to over 100$ the first time we went. this was the second time.

I think the site is fixed.... If you knwo what Japanese looks like then tell me if you see Japanese or somthing completely different below.... I switched to UTF-8 encoding. I think I did at least.

これの日本語はこんたんです。 でも、これはテストです。

Saturday, February 14, 2004

well, I forgot what today was....... When you don't think about these thigs they just go POOF!
Click the image to make it bigger, Just like the Picture pages.... #14 added by the way

It was so great to see the cake.... they told me that when they asked the cake baker person to put English on it they got a couple stange looks... All he had to work with was how they seid my name.... and kinda how I spell it in Kata kana デレク。
It was a genuin effort and I liked it.. the cake was delicious too... they gave me a wallet and a pair of grey pants.... Just what I always wanted..... So my first family had it right on the nose to just ask what I wanted for chistmas insted of geussing... I have a really nice leather wallt with my name on it that my aunt and uncle gave me at there wedding for helping and I quite enjoy that one. Although It destorys any plastic card I put in it after a while... about a year.. there is a brass button/ bar that holds the coin pocket closed and it puts presure on the cards in the middle.... But If I'm carful I can bend the thing in such a way that It ...blah blah blah... well its all good now that I know about it... Credit cards and drivers licenes on top is safer.... I did need the pants though, my old pair were looking a little bad... but, I like my clothes, and shoes.... ;P getting new shoes took me 5 monthes after I really needed them...

oh, I got a e-mail today that says they are canceling the Japanese class I been looking forward to at the Sault high... Noot enough interest or somthing... but wait a second,.... when it was just me It was alright but with 5 or 6 people ther isn't enough interest..... somthing funny is going on.... I'm trying to fight to keep this class again from the other sid eof the world... not an easy thing to do.. a lot of e-mail whent out this morning to various people..... Last year(2002 really) I got the class started for me to take by myself. but the class was Japanese 2. It rotates every year, class one class two..... SO I had to wait, I'm sure a lot of paper work was done to get that set up. the for tis year I got it going agian for a friend and he took over once I found out I was going to Japan. He got a few people to sign up and take the class were I really failed I think. but a few people dropped out or didn't take the class agian. He is trying his best to get Japanese 2 to get back in motion, If it ever was, and So am I. when I go back I want to keep practicing and talking, hopfully have a career that will put me in Japan every now and then. tech firms I hear are in need of this kind of service. especialy Manufacuring plants.

Oh, and I see not only di dI forget to post dad's flash animation but there has been a page 14 of pictures for about the same time now that hasn't had any out side links yet.... Gomen! I also found the code to make you all mad at me and get the site to display right, as in Japanese not Chinese. you all hav eot down laod a japanese laguage pack I think one time, If you don't have it already. UTF-8 is the codding for Japanese ANd I need to set this in the encoding meta tag... YA FOR ME! If you don't Download it nothing will change..... if you do, you will see my horable Japanese, but Its ok, you can't read it anyways..... i could bash my head on the keyboard with Japanese turned on and you would think it was a poem... ;o

well that it for now... I procrastinated way too much and not I'm tired... I read a conspirisy theory on google..... it was scary... and wierd..... I still love google.... CIA I wont touch....

Friday, February 13, 2004


typo danger is high, It is tomarow for me.. afternoon for you..... lots of "....."

Last night I spent the night with my class in the school seminar house... It was interesting. there was on big tatami room and everyone had futons to lay on. A lot of people wresled and I wooped a lot of little Japanese peopel who tooked me by surprise... except one person, cake.. I call hime cake, It is really kekei (or somthing) nagita. It sounds the same. I think I could have gottin him If not already wearing my unifor in the the morniong and having one other person trying to break my legs at the same time...... He is strong though..... I learnd how to get someone in a head lock and flip them over my head then flip myself over on to ther back.... That was the greatest thing ever..... only got to do it all the way once... girls had their own section of the biulding.... 6 of 8 came and slept. they pooled money otgether and bought all the boys chololats for valantines day..... that was sweet.

oh on that word, I see some chocolates called sweat choco while walking in a store..... obviously they ment sweet because of the kanji I saw but it was funny.

for our seminar we watched a movie called "the eye". It was korean and I was told it had english subtitles and Japanese audio..... They suposdly asked the store people.... and I was 110% asured that there would be English.... 15 minutes latter They figured out how to use the DVD player and realized there was no English...... It was lright though, I understood what was going on... a blind woman has an operation and it able to see agina but se also sees dead people.... And the first thing I thought of when I figured this out was... "I see dead people" you can voise over the little kid wispering voice. anyways she solves a mystery about a gil killing herself and make an old lady happy... In the end they are stuck in traffic and se sees a bunch of black gaosh shadows going to the fron of the trafic. she see these when ever somone will die. ther are lots of them and she tryed getting people out of there cars to get away, but then there is an explosiong and they all diea anyways...... She gets a peice of metle in her eyes and loses her sight but dosn't die...... It was an ok movie really. the explosion was way too big to be anything near beliaveable though.... it was a gas tanker explosion.....

when everyone was suposed top be asleep the teachers would open the door to check that everyone was sleeping... in an instant all the lights comming from cellphones around the room would turn off... It was great... then 3 seconds after the door closed they all poop back on... e-mail is great when you can't make any nosie....

The whole thing was funn except when I had to do school work the next day and was wishing that futon would float into the class room so I could go to sleep..... every one was the same I think.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

.....well, American dad's b-day was wendsday and I had this set up to Post a nice flash animation up saying happy birthday but then I get an e-mai l about not saying Happy birthday and stuff. Confused I look here and what do I see...


ほら, I am starting to put HTML in my posts. I cant get to the animation untill I get to school. I must have left it on the computer there and not uploaded it to the server. Its not there anyways. can't say It was very good anyways, my first shot at doing a flash.

well, yesterday I whent to this rotbot biulding thing that Matsushima sensei told me would be intersting. he...ha. ho... the most boarding 5 hours to be had in Japan yet... (Oh i feel the urge to use HTML)

  1. It was ALL junior high students. I thought it was high school class
  2. It was about basic computer usage and a little bit of Z80 microprosseser usage.
  3. He talked for 2 hours on copy and paste......... OMFG, 2 HOURS!
  4. There was no programing or building involved, everything was prebuilt

there was supposed to be 4 classes... HAHAHA. I almost left after the first hour. I could have learnd to use the bus os somthing.... I did learn to make flapping oragami birds. so WOPPI DOO to that one thing in the day. even some of the junior high students just slept. I kinda onder if half of them went today, I didn't.

We whent to a bonsai selling thing today first. the miniature trees. My mom here boaught an ornge tree and a cherry tree. both look dead but the ornge tree came with ornges, go that was a good buy I think. THere was also people selling yard decorations. but this wasn't like flamingos and knomes, these were landscaping designs. with HUGE bolders, trees small rivers and stone lakes. I took a few picture that Will be up soon, you know my definition of soon.

I'm working on a program for my school progect, end of year is this month, one day for graduation in march. Everyone is doing a report of some type but I was told don't bother with anything, but I will. not a report though, they can't understand it anyways, I'm still waiting to hear about bout my eassy I did for health apon request during a test. I know he can't read it but A for effort and putting up with me in PE.(being late, not having things because people leave me out of the loop, ect.) how did I start taking about that.... back to basse here now... It is a program that will be able to update my picture page from one button push. when I sync my palm I will in thery check my picture fold for pdates resize them, rename them, generat a new page and FTP it on to the web. Also add descriptions to the picture is a deam I have, butyea right on that one, 221 picture to type a description for is a little harded than I want to work. I know the code exist to to do first things though. I want to do It myself but time is not a thing i have much of. *(see below later)

Insted of that momo chan came and we saw a movie. My host mom ans momo chan saw finding Nimo(The one wiht the little fish by disney) and me and my host dad weren't to thrilled about the movie so we whent to another theater and saw hollywood homicide. can say it was the best movie but it beat seeing the fish movie.

After, my mom decided that we should go shopping for shoes and jewlry... Americans an Japanese are quite alike hu, me and my host father agian found a table and sat down for 20 minutes while she looks at jewry, didn't buy anything after all that time though. they did get some shoes though.

Finally we got to a resteraunt and i eat a huge crab... It was a monster. momo decided to help. witch was no problem. It was just the legs this time, I dind.... get the canch to eat all the good stuff inside the shell.... get the chance it a good way to put it... It was good, then There was nothign unusually that happend, but it sure did beat sitting in that cold classroom witha bunch of junior high students listing to an old guy talk about flapping birds and basic computers....

Tomarow I will have Matsushima's head...  While the teacher in the class was talking yesterday I had lots of time to try and read the flyer that Matsushima gave me telling what days to go... what did i see in the middle of the page.... 中学生
with means JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT.... Well thats over with.... and I'm glad. today was accually a fun day after all, and I found out how to make this sitte obay my comands to display JAPANESE! as in not CHINESE! but i still need to put that code in.... ;P just a too little lazy at 11:53

Think I got influensa after all, but throat is really starting to hurt and starting to cough. nto enough cold medicin and I will have to fight my host parents desire to go to the hospitial.... It will happen, they will want to go... and my plan at the moment is to stay in my room and nat let them have anyclue untill it is gone. If it starts to get ugly. Heres a good Image of JApanese.. "oh you eye is haging out side of your head, I thin kIt wil be fine, Just wait 3 days and If it doesn't go back in will see if we can find a doctor." AND THIS "OMFG!!!! you have a cought and a feaver that is 2 degrees above normal! I'lll can an ambulance, you need a doctor!!!!" (If you remember my small fever and eye injury in october This is my referance)

oh, movies... Yea, let me get back on that..... 今はできない。VIRTUALDUBはむすかしですよ!。デコダはありません。
My software of choose can't decode my video and If I can't do that I can't encode it eather.... know where there are nice codecs for virtual dub foating around? I need them because I forgot how to set The thing up or somthing. not high on my prorities. The're not too interesting.

Below later

*WOW... Its tomarow already... I came back to type this paragraph and I became tomarow.... 15 minutes ago.... good night I have somthing funlky at school tomarow and i don't know what it is.....

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I also am starting to remember HTML off the top of my head. Like the H3 tag that makes test big. and not being Lazy helps. There are now 221 pictures on the web. I know, I typed all the filenames. I also seemed to fix the annoying little white text al the bottom of the side menus on the left there. I think it was this Japanese Keybord and I didn't notice. I still have to choose an encoding method but don't exactly know what one to use. no biggy For now. Just make the Japanese that i will be typing more often not show up well. or as chinese.

All the pages on both the servers were updated today to include the side-bar. yay! Next thing on the todo list is re encode the movies. starting right now.

  • make movies easy to obtain and view.
  • Add desciptions to the pictures
  • Spellcheck the entire site.
  • Learn to type.

Monday, February 02, 2004 go there and when a little box about a security warning pops up say yes and you will have quicktime. It will ask you a bunch of questions that you just need to click next next next next.... I think you need to type you name in a box some where though. Don't worry about your seirial number. It will give you the free vertion insted whitch is just fne.

then you go back to the movie listing on my web page( where you see the list of movies) and click one, It should cchange into a big screen that say quicktime and start down loading. It will take forever on you internet connection, just wait and it should start.

If it dosn't then Just wait Untill I get set up and I will make movies that are easier to get. Today I'm gettting new pictures up. then I will try to get these movies taken care of. I know what neeeds to be done and that is the scary part. and my page looks purple agian....


Sunday, February 01, 2004

I went to kendo yesterday, even thought it was the weekend. I never went before. I never thought about it really. It was really hard becasue it was all musul training that day, not hitting people and stuff. Kendo is getting me into shape I think... That is making me happy happy. My arms never stop hurting from the amount of effort I put into it every day. But that is a good thing.

I accually had lunch with friends from Kendo yesterday. BINGO That was so great, then I found out that My American friend from Tamana was down town. I went down town, showed him where the good bookstore was for English books, then went to the best place in Kumamoto(the top of PARCO). They have everything that is interesting up there, Imported stuff like A&W root beer, hippy things and Zippo lighters. the good ones too, not the crappy ones that fall apart.

yesterday was a good day. today we whent Park golfing. Its like minuture golf but its real golf. The ball is bigger and the is only one club. the greens are still farly long though. Forgot my camera,cellphone and PDA at home. no pictures...

I almost forgot to do my reports too. That isn't a good thing. They didn't yell at me last time when i was a day late. That was really Shocking too. Another schocking this is that my grampa in America may have figured out how to watch the movies I put on the Internet. How he did that is a mystery and a half. I put them there and I find it hard to get to them.

In my last post I typed Japanese. Did any one see the Japanese? If you know what Japanese Looks like, Was it Japanese or Chinese. I may need to add a line in the Web page code to make that work right if it didn't show. I was trying to add pictures today, but park golf poped up and can't miss that just to put Up a few picture that no one will see for a wwek anyways hu. But my luck everyone will check tomarow morning to see if there is an Update.... なぜみんなはげんきじゃないですか? おれはパークゴルフじょすですよ。これの日本語は大丈夫ですか?


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