Me in Japan: November 2003

   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Saturday, November 29, 2003

test, lots of test. friday had english and Japanese test, i garantee i failed japanese and passed English.

I don't know what the schedual is next week except monday, tuesday, wendsday are tests and thursday is no school.

i need shoes now, my sandles are broken in 3 places om my left foot and my right one is broken in 4. my tennis shoes are ok, but in hokkido they aren't going to take my far in the snow. I'll miss them both. my sandles were like 5 years old now anyways.

where am i gonna find shoes my size............

Off for now, computer is giving my troubles today. again. I swear i have the touch. that is i touch a computer and it breakes, bit rotes, or gets struck by lightning.

3 computers in this house, the good one is great but dosn'T have a graphic card woth 10$ you can't play any true 3d games.
one in my room can't get on the net, but can see the nework, and the one in takashi's room can use the internet but can't see the network.

I wish i coudl just get my hands on a windows XP Japanese vertion disc, that would make everything better, minuse the 3D games that is.

oh well, i don't use the computer much in japan realy, i check my mail almost dayly, i try to check every day after i get home from kendo. I never accually thought that it was possable to not use a computer this much. Next family might not even have Internet or a computer.... that is culture shock right there.

Ja mate!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

wow, my host father owns 4 companys.

docomo retialer Cell phone retail store hotel info system
ISP cheap broadband, fiber 20$/month ASDL 18$ a month woooooow.
somthing i don't realy understand, but a hightech thing

nifty nifty....

Sunday, November 23, 2003

WEEEEEE< i got my cell phone. THanks to my host father it was about 200$ off. (so stop your complaning about the phone bill mom!) The one i wanted was out of stock and probly not gonnahave any for a while. so i got a modle that was up in features But i realy didn't initially like, the NEC vertion looks much better to my eyes. I`m growing into it now though. they were the same price(for me ;P LUCKY!). i think the accuall retail price is 28000yen for the one i got and 15000 yen for the one i wanted, but the wholesale(my price) was 6000 for both.

Here is the one I bought

Here is the one I wanted

both sites are the english vertion, take a look around, there kinda interesting.

My hostfather payes the bill technicaly and i reembers him the money, because the phone need to be backed by a bank account. and i don't have a japanese bacnk account.... technicalities.

I got the basic little pakage and because the phone was on the Kawaguchi bill i got the family discount and they did too. more phones more discount. I didn't get a pactet plan, just to see what the diferance was. and let me tell you.. it makes a differance. you pay a certan amount ahead of time and it takes your rate for data and cuts it in half. i could still be using e-mail today. I learned today you need a packet plan. Today is a holiday so i have to wait to tomarow to switch and that also means waiting till the first of the month to use my phone for fear of huge bills. probely.

I know friends are gonna want to e-mail me at school, that isn't so bad, its usually .2 yen for an e-mail.

Surfing the web is out now, its not really usefull and its way expencive.

video phone is out too, that is 56yen a minute. maybe just one test though, next month that is. ;P these things are so advanced!

off to finish that speach i started thursday......

my e-mail for the phone is the same ans my normal one except insted of it's
i pay per 128 bytes so make them short if you want to try it out at the start of next month preferably.

Today we went to Mitsui Greenland. a decently sized "jet" coaster park. Takashi didn't come so me and Iyaka went off to ride the bigger rides while Masashi rode the little kid rides.

6 coasters later and 2 simpler rides later we met up for lunch. this park has most of the latest coasts. including one we you go though a tub and spin all around and then do it backward after taking a small coaster elevater down to the under lever, you kinda have to see it. there was 3 that whent updide down and pne that was reeeeeeeeeeeealy long. and a long wait too.

it was cool and i saw a huge ferris wheel, whitch are very popular in japan. it was 6 or 7 stories tall. I wasn't going anywhere near that thing. we were there all day and then off to have chinese food for dinner.

ja ne!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

I get off target so easy..... i opend up blogger about an hour ago to type what i wanted to type and i just got back to this window....... whop-yah

I just participated in a marathon. first it was 10 kilometers to get to the stadium on bike. i ran a little more that 7 kilometers. biked 10 kilos back home. I ran all but the last lap(one lap is 7 kilos. and maybe walked a total of 50 meters. probly less. oh yea! 7 Kilometers is about 4.34 miles. It was really cool accually these people are so fast. I don't know how they did it. i passed 2 people one of them passed me to finish the last 7 kilos but i was way ahead of him, i thought he quit too, but it was good, i don'T know were the other guy gave up. waaaay back somware. good try though.

ankle huts like nothing else right now, glad its over, i wonder what is next in PE. tight-rope walking? they are trying to kill me quietly i think. someone took my picture and then someone else video taped me, i KNOW that everyone will have that clip and that picture by the end of the week.... (tomarow)

now i have to do wha ti originally sat down to do and write 2 10 minute speeches for hikkido and rotary...

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I'm probly gonna get a cell phone, this one i think I like that one, and my host father seid he would pobly get it for me for 6000 yen insted of 15000 that is retail price. he owns the store...

is 4000 yen a month for basic... UGGG!! and max 6000 i think for me. But it is a nice phone. look at the shiny chrome. I got to play with it when it first came out and it is soooo nice. Its cheaper then its little sister model with the discount and the monthly charges seem less from what my host father seid and what i read. the initial charges are 400yen less but the rates are half that of the little sister. donno i'll decide this weekend.

I think i neeeeeed it to have any social life, no one can really talk but they can e-mail me, easy. I held a somewhat convorsation today riding my bike home with some people. *happy dance* and i think Shawns wife yelled hello to me driving on the highway...(got off track here) Its so easy to meet each other when you can just get on the phone and say I`m under the clock were are you at....

I'm resisting the MD player.... its expencive..... oh they are nice but soooo expencive. good thing i didn't bring my CD player , cds ar 30 bucks a peice. I had my couple songs playing of eminem that i brought from the states and my brother burst in the door and started playing the song he had on his cell phone. So i fixed his soundcard and gave him my mp3s. 7 hours of work... dou itashimastate!!!!! what a pain, i think the Cmos battry will die soon after what it did to me, accually... scared the pooo(grandma friendly) out of me!

ja mate, oyasuminasai!

Sunday, November 16, 2003

wow SO MUCH HAPPING!(that was an on pourpous typo for once :P ) Lets go backwards in time.. (play sci-fi music here) Today was a culture workshop at the red cross hospitial in kumammoto( the first Red Cross hopitial in japan accually). There are accually a lot of exchange students in Kumamoto, i met 2 today and they told me of 4 thatt just left and 3 more that are at there school. There are loads of ALTs in Kumamoto, but i knew that. ALT is People from america that come to japan and teach English. Same program Danial sensei is in. THere were many Japanese highscool students there too. All morning we cooked Japanese food. It was really good and i shocked me because when my host mom make this soup stuff i can barly eat it. It was really bland and had no taste is why... mostly water... ;P After lunch we all went inside t olisten to japanese drums preformed by the only drum club in kumamoto, it was sugoi! (amazing) There was also a quick caligraphy thing that most people did too. I wrote 'World Student' (地�学生) and it looks ok, minuse the way to wet brush drips that run all over the top of the papper. after that tryed the drums and made a whole lot of noise and went home. I can't figure out why i paied 300 yen and then they gave my a pakage with 500. and another exchange student got 900 yen and the other girl that was there got 0. I must have missed a memo.

Saterday I went to the district conferance and got to meat the other exchange students agian. They were late but by only 10 minutes. the opening cerimony had a bunch of hischool student with various bells and the rang there bells and made music. i don't know how she lifted that one really big one. It sounded like a (ok this will be one REALY big typo) xylophone. Then some people started talking and introducin and we all misd them say ryougakusaie(exchange students),but i heard them say my host club name and i stood up then, no one else did, but hey, its all good. When the speach started me and ben listen for about 5 minutes and started talking, about an hour and a half later we started counting all the poeple that were sleeping and couldn't finish, we geuss it was about 60% or more people were sleeping. including the peoplr that were sitting to the side of the speaker and all the people around us. *we just kept talking queitly* Alfter that was finished we all headed upstairs and i preteneded to know where i was going according to them and asked were are we going. We had to take a Japanese Test today.

Me........... Failed
Ben.......... Failed
Girls......... Whouldn't give a strait answer(failed) I thik the french girl probley passed, she speaks well.....

Not too important untill the end of the year when we take a real test, this ws just a mock up. I did study by the way, but I still had no way to pass it.

Friday i unleashed the power of FPSs too Japan. There were a whole bunch of friend in the computer lab after school and i had my Half life disc with me on accedent. I wanted a music cd but got mixed up. We had a LAN party for 3 hours befor the computers started to smoke and freeze. That was great, one person almost matched me, i beat him by only 5 frags. It was amazing. If you don't know this game, don't worry about it, its not important. Look for the really meaning... Friends.......

thursday i had 2 hours of Japanese in a row and i ran 5 kilometers without walking once..... happy happy, that was hard..... and slow at the end.... accually slow for the last 4.7 kilometers. I ran kinda fast for the fist 300 meterson the track with everyone. then BAI BAI MINA-SAN! I got to try on some armor in Kendo and get bashed witha bamboo stick in the hand becasue i wasn'T ready yet and everyone wanted to hit me... ;)

WEndsday stuff happend but i don't rember what, i know i was doing stuff in kendo and that was fun.

*end sci-fi music here* back to the present*

last night i when to Kareoke.... that was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I sung everything upon request from eminem to madona and it was a blast. My host brothetr likes emeniem and was impressed that i couldkeep up with half of the song, its hard when you don't have words playing to fall back on, i got a 71 on lose yourself./ and a 76 on llinkin park crawling. I think that is good. i think... I want a Kareoke box in SSM when i get back, hey rotarians... feeling euntropenur-ic? :)

I'm going to sleep......... oyasuminasai!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

WWWOOOOOOO I got into Kendo, Japanese stick fighting. Last week i found out i needed a 150$ glove to USE the bows. its not really anything special, just a leather glove, but you do need it because the stirng will slice your finders off with out it.... it's kinda important that i keep my fingers, need them for typing. I'll return later more than likely, many freinds and a relaxed enviorment, I like Quido. But Kendo has the cool factor, plus i get a stick! I will be able to show off my supream stick fighing skilles when i go back to teh stats, wereas i can't afford a 800 dollar bow and I7m sure even if i did buy one there is no way to get it over to SSM without another larger fee.

I found out that Kendo training should take me a month, normal people practice 6 months, to learn the basics befor i get to fight. Maybe 2 weeks befor i get any armor. i do love the bants type things, they remind me of a dress when your standing upright but they are pants. I'll get pictures up eventually, if i keep on schedule with them you should see them in january, ;P joking, joking. I don't have any pictures yet but just wait, I WILL I Promis.

Kendo..... Quedo...... Judo..... do you see a pattern?

Stick fighting, archery, Judo(i think a good translation is wreseling, if you never seen it before)

I'm gonna be a one man army! oh yea!

ja mate!

Sunday, November 09, 2003

well, i DID HAVE an nice post but its gone now, don't know why or how, but it is.... I' mad... It was a good post, but now i have to do ir over agian...... I don't want to retype everything so i'll sum it up.

monday and tuesday last week no school, yay! Wendsday The matrix comes out in theaters, but it raind and i couldn't go. SAterday and sunday we had school. Saterday was an awsome varity show that was a gift to the students of kumako(my school) from the school. Magic(low bugit) stories(i didn't understand), and a couple of sweet old guys that can juble and balance spinning plates on the end of sticks. I enjoyed it.

saterday afternoon the junior hight students from around the city toured the school and we were given fake assingments to make kumako look good. although they forgot to load all the software to the computers before hand and noone was able to complete the program... just pretend to work on it while students were there and goof off when there were none.

Sunday was the bunkasai(culture festival) and it was awsome. all the classes do things like sell food and preform, for a little $$$ of course. and they do quite well i geuss they had no problem breaking my 10000 yen bill up for me.... *shocked* I was an official judge for the micron car rally. small line folowing roblot cars. The most of them didn make an entire lap before going off the edge and teh ones that did make took around 20 - 22 seconds. the winner ar runner up had times of 17.76 seconds and 17.78 seconds. they blew all the others out of the watter. there were a few other 18 somthing second cars too, but every one was in disbalief that the winner was separated by .01 second i took a picture of the time board i'll get up eventually. one of the teachers broughtout his can and wooped the res with 15 seconds flat. It was an elite machine with wirelessprogramming and an lcd display. it was cool, very cool.

the afternoon i got to go around the bunkazai more after the rally ended. i sung karioki in front of 500 people from kumako and other schools. Eminem the real slimshady.... That was hard. very hard. I pointed to another eminen\m song the was slower, lose yorself but they played the wrong one... oh well, it was fun.

after the bunkasai i was invited to got see the matrix with danial sensei and kotaro ( a freind that speakes VERY good english, compared to otheres that is, plus a few other americans. a few..... 10 americans 4 japanese. it was so great.

thats teh abreviated vertion, i'm going for a hair cut cya

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Friday i whent to shimatori and i was riding my bike to a place i could park my bike and here was 7 Americanswalking down the street. "ok, they must be on some vacation" Then i start wanting down to shmatori and heres 7 more americans, "Howed they pass me, i didn`t see them even", I look bak and there the original 7 are standing, thats 14 americans in Kumamoto, "there must be some kind of conferance going on" start walking down shimaroti and by the time i got down to the end i had just under 50 americans in my head. One of them asked me what i was doing in japan and why was i off alone. Proudly saying i live here, and asking the same. they were the US military. Just a short vacation from duties. The more i walked the more that came out of every cornor and befor i left i was sure there was about 90 americans that gravitated to shimatori. plus some must have been other places too so that brings around 100 americans in one place. it was kinda skary. but that explained why smost of them were wearing Camaflauge backpaks. I was waiting for them to whip out AK47s and say "Kumamoto is under the control of the US army, you have no rights!" Kinda like in the book Dreamcatcher by steven king that i read. ;P

My host father got a new bissness partner in tokyo or some other town close to osaka. I don`t know whitch but he flew up and came here and there going golfing today. He did a double take when he saw me, an i just sat there wonder who was this guy, but kouchi decided to show off his english and tell mea all about him. ;P

Well, I`m pritty sure i lost the program and all the HTML files for the picture page on my website, time to start over(agian) *screams* the Site is still up, but i can`t update it anymore, so i have to start from scrach..... *realizes all the time he lost and screams agian* I don`t know were or how it when but it went. I just hope i can find a data recovery tool and find the stupid files....


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