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Saturday, November 29, 2003

test, lots of test. friday had english and Japanese test, i garantee i failed japanese and passed English.

I don't know what the schedual is next week except monday, tuesday, wendsday are tests and thursday is no school.

i need shoes now, my sandles are broken in 3 places om my left foot and my right one is broken in 4. my tennis shoes are ok, but in hokkido they aren't going to take my far in the snow. I'll miss them both. my sandles were like 5 years old now anyways.

where am i gonna find shoes my size............

Off for now, computer is giving my troubles today. again. I swear i have the touch. that is i touch a computer and it breakes, bit rotes, or gets struck by lightning.

3 computers in this house, the good one is great but dosn'T have a graphic card woth 10$ you can't play any true 3d games.
one in my room can't get on the net, but can see the nework, and the one in takashi's room can use the internet but can't see the network.

I wish i coudl just get my hands on a windows XP Japanese vertion disc, that would make everything better, minuse the 3D games that is.

oh well, i don't use the computer much in japan realy, i check my mail almost dayly, i try to check every day after i get home from kendo. I never accually thought that it was possable to not use a computer this much. Next family might not even have Internet or a computer.... that is culture shock right there.

Ja mate!


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