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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I'm probly gonna get a cell phone, this one i think I like that one, and my host father seid he would pobly get it for me for 6000 yen insted of 15000 that is retail price. he owns the store...

is 4000 yen a month for basic... UGGG!! and max 6000 i think for me. But it is a nice phone. look at the shiny chrome. I got to play with it when it first came out and it is soooo nice. Its cheaper then its little sister model with the discount and the monthly charges seem less from what my host father seid and what i read. the initial charges are 400yen less but the rates are half that of the little sister. donno i'll decide this weekend.

I think i neeeeeed it to have any social life, no one can really talk but they can e-mail me, easy. I held a somewhat convorsation today riding my bike home with some people. *happy dance* and i think Shawns wife yelled hello to me driving on the highway...(got off track here) Its so easy to meet each other when you can just get on the phone and say I`m under the clock were are you at....

I'm resisting the MD player.... its expencive..... oh they are nice but soooo expencive. good thing i didn't bring my CD player , cds ar 30 bucks a peice. I had my couple songs playing of eminem that i brought from the states and my brother burst in the door and started playing the song he had on his cell phone. So i fixed his soundcard and gave him my mp3s. 7 hours of work... dou itashimastate!!!!! what a pain, i think the Cmos battry will die soon after what it did to me, accually... scared the pooo(grandma friendly) out of me!

ja mate, oyasuminasai!


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