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Sunday, November 09, 2003

well, i DID HAVE an nice post but its gone now, don't know why or how, but it is.... I' mad... It was a good post, but now i have to do ir over agian...... I don't want to retype everything so i'll sum it up.

monday and tuesday last week no school, yay! Wendsday The matrix comes out in theaters, but it raind and i couldn't go. SAterday and sunday we had school. Saterday was an awsome varity show that was a gift to the students of kumako(my school) from the school. Magic(low bugit) stories(i didn't understand), and a couple of sweet old guys that can juble and balance spinning plates on the end of sticks. I enjoyed it.

saterday afternoon the junior hight students from around the city toured the school and we were given fake assingments to make kumako look good. although they forgot to load all the software to the computers before hand and noone was able to complete the program... just pretend to work on it while students were there and goof off when there were none.

Sunday was the bunkasai(culture festival) and it was awsome. all the classes do things like sell food and preform, for a little $$$ of course. and they do quite well i geuss they had no problem breaking my 10000 yen bill up for me.... *shocked* I was an official judge for the micron car rally. small line folowing roblot cars. The most of them didn make an entire lap before going off the edge and teh ones that did make took around 20 - 22 seconds. the winner ar runner up had times of 17.76 seconds and 17.78 seconds. they blew all the others out of the watter. there were a few other 18 somthing second cars too, but every one was in disbalief that the winner was separated by .01 second i took a picture of the time board i'll get up eventually. one of the teachers broughtout his can and wooped the res with 15 seconds flat. It was an elite machine with wirelessprogramming and an lcd display. it was cool, very cool.

the afternoon i got to go around the bunkazai more after the rally ended. i sung karioki in front of 500 people from kumako and other schools. Eminem the real slimshady.... That was hard. very hard. I pointed to another eminen\m song the was slower, lose yorself but they played the wrong one... oh well, it was fun.

after the bunkasai i was invited to got see the matrix with danial sensei and kotaro ( a freind that speakes VERY good english, compared to otheres that is, plus a few other americans. a few..... 10 americans 4 japanese. it was so great.

thats teh abreviated vertion, i'm going for a hair cut cya


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