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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Sunday, November 16, 2003

wow SO MUCH HAPPING!(that was an on pourpous typo for once :P ) Lets go backwards in time.. (play sci-fi music here) Today was a culture workshop at the red cross hospitial in kumammoto( the first Red Cross hopitial in japan accually). There are accually a lot of exchange students in Kumamoto, i met 2 today and they told me of 4 thatt just left and 3 more that are at there school. There are loads of ALTs in Kumamoto, but i knew that. ALT is People from america that come to japan and teach English. Same program Danial sensei is in. THere were many Japanese highscool students there too. All morning we cooked Japanese food. It was really good and i shocked me because when my host mom make this soup stuff i can barly eat it. It was really bland and had no taste is why... mostly water... ;P After lunch we all went inside t olisten to japanese drums preformed by the only drum club in kumamoto, it was sugoi! (amazing) There was also a quick caligraphy thing that most people did too. I wrote 'World Student' (地�学生) and it looks ok, minuse the way to wet brush drips that run all over the top of the papper. after that tryed the drums and made a whole lot of noise and went home. I can't figure out why i paied 300 yen and then they gave my a pakage with 500. and another exchange student got 900 yen and the other girl that was there got 0. I must have missed a memo.

Saterday I went to the district conferance and got to meat the other exchange students agian. They were late but by only 10 minutes. the opening cerimony had a bunch of hischool student with various bells and the rang there bells and made music. i don't know how she lifted that one really big one. It sounded like a (ok this will be one REALY big typo) xylophone. Then some people started talking and introducin and we all misd them say ryougakusaie(exchange students),but i heard them say my host club name and i stood up then, no one else did, but hey, its all good. When the speach started me and ben listen for about 5 minutes and started talking, about an hour and a half later we started counting all the poeple that were sleeping and couldn't finish, we geuss it was about 60% or more people were sleeping. including the peoplr that were sitting to the side of the speaker and all the people around us. *we just kept talking queitly* Alfter that was finished we all headed upstairs and i preteneded to know where i was going according to them and asked were are we going. We had to take a Japanese Test today.

Me........... Failed
Ben.......... Failed
Girls......... Whouldn't give a strait answer(failed) I thik the french girl probley passed, she speaks well.....

Not too important untill the end of the year when we take a real test, this ws just a mock up. I did study by the way, but I still had no way to pass it.

Friday i unleashed the power of FPSs too Japan. There were a whole bunch of friend in the computer lab after school and i had my Half life disc with me on accedent. I wanted a music cd but got mixed up. We had a LAN party for 3 hours befor the computers started to smoke and freeze. That was great, one person almost matched me, i beat him by only 5 frags. It was amazing. If you don't know this game, don't worry about it, its not important. Look for the really meaning... Friends.......

thursday i had 2 hours of Japanese in a row and i ran 5 kilometers without walking once..... happy happy, that was hard..... and slow at the end.... accually slow for the last 4.7 kilometers. I ran kinda fast for the fist 300 meterson the track with everyone. then BAI BAI MINA-SAN! I got to try on some armor in Kendo and get bashed witha bamboo stick in the hand becasue i wasn'T ready yet and everyone wanted to hit me... ;)

WEndsday stuff happend but i don't rember what, i know i was doing stuff in kendo and that was fun.

*end sci-fi music here* back to the present*

last night i when to Kareoke.... that was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I sung everything upon request from eminem to madona and it was a blast. My host brothetr likes emeniem and was impressed that i couldkeep up with half of the song, its hard when you don't have words playing to fall back on, i got a 71 on lose yourself./ and a 76 on llinkin park crawling. I think that is good. i think... I want a Kareoke box in SSM when i get back, hey rotarians... feeling euntropenur-ic? :)

I'm going to sleep......... oyasuminasai!!


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