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Thursday, November 20, 2003

I get off target so easy..... i opend up blogger about an hour ago to type what i wanted to type and i just got back to this window....... whop-yah

I just participated in a marathon. first it was 10 kilometers to get to the stadium on bike. i ran a little more that 7 kilometers. biked 10 kilos back home. I ran all but the last lap(one lap is 7 kilos. and maybe walked a total of 50 meters. probly less. oh yea! 7 Kilometers is about 4.34 miles. It was really cool accually these people are so fast. I don't know how they did it. i passed 2 people one of them passed me to finish the last 7 kilos but i was way ahead of him, i thought he quit too, but it was good, i don'T know were the other guy gave up. waaaay back somware. good try though.

ankle huts like nothing else right now, glad its over, i wonder what is next in PE. tight-rope walking? they are trying to kill me quietly i think. someone took my picture and then someone else video taped me, i KNOW that everyone will have that clip and that picture by the end of the week.... (tomarow)

now i have to do wha ti originally sat down to do and write 2 10 minute speeches for hikkido and rotary...


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