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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

WWWOOOOOOO I got into Kendo, Japanese stick fighting. Last week i found out i needed a 150$ glove to USE the bows. its not really anything special, just a leather glove, but you do need it because the stirng will slice your finders off with out it.... it's kinda important that i keep my fingers, need them for typing. I'll return later more than likely, many freinds and a relaxed enviorment, I like Quido. But Kendo has the cool factor, plus i get a stick! I will be able to show off my supream stick fighing skilles when i go back to teh stats, wereas i can't afford a 800 dollar bow and I7m sure even if i did buy one there is no way to get it over to SSM without another larger fee.

I found out that Kendo training should take me a month, normal people practice 6 months, to learn the basics befor i get to fight. Maybe 2 weeks befor i get any armor. i do love the bants type things, they remind me of a dress when your standing upright but they are pants. I'll get pictures up eventually, if i keep on schedule with them you should see them in january, ;P joking, joking. I don't have any pictures yet but just wait, I WILL I Promis.

Kendo..... Quedo...... Judo..... do you see a pattern?

Stick fighting, archery, Judo(i think a good translation is wreseling, if you never seen it before)

I'm gonna be a one man army! oh yea!

ja mate!


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