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Sunday, November 23, 2003

WEEEEEE< i got my cell phone. THanks to my host father it was about 200$ off. (so stop your complaning about the phone bill mom!) The one i wanted was out of stock and probly not gonnahave any for a while. so i got a modle that was up in features But i realy didn't initially like, the NEC vertion looks much better to my eyes. I`m growing into it now though. they were the same price(for me ;P LUCKY!). i think the accuall retail price is 28000yen for the one i got and 15000 yen for the one i wanted, but the wholesale(my price) was 6000 for both.

Here is the one I bought

Here is the one I wanted

both sites are the english vertion, take a look around, there kinda interesting.

My hostfather payes the bill technicaly and i reembers him the money, because the phone need to be backed by a bank account. and i don't have a japanese bacnk account.... technicalities.

I got the basic little pakage and because the phone was on the Kawaguchi bill i got the family discount and they did too. more phones more discount. I didn't get a pactet plan, just to see what the diferance was. and let me tell you.. it makes a differance. you pay a certan amount ahead of time and it takes your rate for data and cuts it in half. i could still be using e-mail today. I learned today you need a packet plan. Today is a holiday so i have to wait to tomarow to switch and that also means waiting till the first of the month to use my phone for fear of huge bills. probely.

I know friends are gonna want to e-mail me at school, that isn't so bad, its usually .2 yen for an e-mail.

Surfing the web is out now, its not really usefull and its way expencive.

video phone is out too, that is 56yen a minute. maybe just one test though, next month that is. ;P these things are so advanced!

off to finish that speach i started thursday......

my e-mail for the phone is the same ans my normal one except insted of it's
i pay per 128 bytes so make them short if you want to try it out at the start of next month preferably.


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