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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well, I had to go to school today to see the ceremony for the 3rd year students graduation. It was intesting. They accually put out chairs for us to sit on... and it wsa the first time too. they had to give instructions how to sit in the proporly...... I thought that was outragously funny. Heres how to sit in a chair, 10 minutes on that. then the principle talked for an hour almost to the dot(literaly). Gave aout a few awards and then It was off to home. tomarrow no school.. nothing to do, I think I will go and look for som things people wanted.

We went up and took pictures of some Bed and Breskfasts they had done so they could put them on the website my host father started. I'de post a linl, but the site is quite poor and all Japanese. but nice try getting on the information super highway.

After that we drove forever and ended up seeing this fountian thing. It was water thta bubles out fo the ground and it's really good for you to drink. I went I drank I got he T-shirt. It wasn't that impresive. the were little bubbles you could see floating out of the ground and stuff. Finally onsen and Dinner. nothing much today but It was a good day for some reason. The morning was rain and it cleared up. that must have been teh good part of the day.

Last night I watched "The Otheres". I like that movie. But that wasn't the best part. I see a Commertial got an English school during the movie. and in the 5 minute long Ad was president Bus sing and dancing. It was so hilarious. It was lipsynced were they took a film and ran it backwards and forwards to what they wanted him to say. It was stuff like grouplearnig is fun for everyone. and English is a fun thing to learn. BUt he was singing! Although the voice was nothing like hte read Bush voice. During the thing they had footage of him walking that they would run back and forth really fast and make it seem like he was dancing to the music. I wanted nothing more that to record it and put it up here for everyone to laugh at.

Also esterday I went to a Yaki Niku rasteraunt wiht all the Kendo members and sied bye bye to teh 3rd year students who are graduating. THat was fun. the captian kept making one person eat weird mixed up things untill he couldn't hold it any longer and BUUUWAH! things like wasabi beef and Icecream, and something that smelled like paint thinner and was green in a cup. no one knew what it was.

I posted one picture of my Japanese Keyboard in Japan. It is a standard 109key board. Its on Picture page 14 on the right. I have other pictures but they arn't ready.


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