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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Thursday, February 26, 2004

Exams are over, tomarow I get to go to kendo for the fist time in 2 weeks, I really miss hitting people on the head witha stick. I want to find somone in the states that would be willing to buy a しね and fight me. But need to have arom for that. and armor is expencive, 2000$ for a cheap plastic set. and plascit is jsut fine for oocational practice by the way. its quite strong accually. the mast is still metel i think though, which is a good thing. sticks are 30$ around here, really cheap. but they do break every now and then when you hit hard. I'm gonna buy one or two before heading back to America for sure. Display though really. ther is only one practice you can do wihtout armor and it's not incredibly fun. I suppose pillows would work for a while. :) lets try on my little brother first to make sure. heh.

Oh, Exams were the same old thing, don't think I passed any of them. Prgramming was kinda a pain. Math was ok on the second half but the first half was just bad... really bad..... Chemestry and economics were a joke. I did some things for chemestry. maybe i got a 12% on it, ecomics would be funny if i got one percent, i just guessed on all of them and practiced writing the kanji that was listed in the vocabualary box. electirity was kind ok maybe, I had to write an essay(in english9 for health about AIDS i think.... thats what I worte about anyways. I don't think anyone can read my hand writing except Danial anyways. SO tomarow is kendo, and that is a good thing after so much stress. I 'm wondering if i want to go back to kyudo or stay in kendo longer. I really enjoy kendo right now and don't want to leave. I made very good friends with the 8 people in the club and just got my armor. I will go everyday if there is kendo durning vaction. (you see, I am becoming Japanese after living here so long. I like onsens and I got to school on days I don't have to.)

I play SFA everynight. I have 624 kanji memorized according to the stats and i think that i realy have arount 500! that is really good for me, I can't remember my birthday sometimes! let alone other people's.
soon I will be the KANJI KING.

my cold is getting better just as I knew it would and predicted, to the day. "on wendsday it will peak and start falling and by monday or tuesday it will be a thing of the past." thats what i seid befor i started coughing at all. I always follow the EXACT same pattern when getting sick and know it well...

Oh, I been watching that extracker thing and its really nifty, people that are looking for "trip to japan" and this one really got me, "Shimatori kumamoto japan" in google are finding my page. people looking for volcano info are poppoin gup in here too, I should put Volcano picture up or something for them. click that little picture on the far left of the screen under the links box and you can see the data for yourself. 40 visitors form the states, 12 from Japan, 7 from canada, one from romaina, itialy, sweaden. Its kinda scary what i can pull out of all this data. imagin what other profesionals could pull out... not much on you spacificly, but the general traffic flow in and out of a site.


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