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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Friday, February 13, 2004


typo danger is high, It is tomarow for me.. afternoon for you..... lots of "....."

Last night I spent the night with my class in the school seminar house... It was interesting. there was on big tatami room and everyone had futons to lay on. A lot of people wresled and I wooped a lot of little Japanese peopel who tooked me by surprise... except one person, cake.. I call hime cake, It is really kekei (or somthing) nagita. It sounds the same. I think I could have gottin him If not already wearing my unifor in the the morniong and having one other person trying to break my legs at the same time...... He is strong though..... I learnd how to get someone in a head lock and flip them over my head then flip myself over on to ther back.... That was the greatest thing ever..... only got to do it all the way once... girls had their own section of the biulding.... 6 of 8 came and slept. they pooled money otgether and bought all the boys chololats for valantines day..... that was sweet.

oh on that word, I see some chocolates called sweat choco while walking in a store..... obviously they ment sweet because of the kanji I saw but it was funny.

for our seminar we watched a movie called "the eye". It was korean and I was told it had english subtitles and Japanese audio..... They suposdly asked the store people.... and I was 110% asured that there would be English.... 15 minutes latter They figured out how to use the DVD player and realized there was no English...... It was lright though, I understood what was going on... a blind woman has an operation and it able to see agina but se also sees dead people.... And the first thing I thought of when I figured this out was... "I see dead people" you can voise over the little kid wispering voice. anyways she solves a mystery about a gil killing herself and make an old lady happy... In the end they are stuck in traffic and se sees a bunch of black gaosh shadows going to the fron of the trafic. she see these when ever somone will die. ther are lots of them and she tryed getting people out of there cars to get away, but then there is an explosiong and they all diea anyways...... She gets a peice of metle in her eyes and loses her sight but dosn't die...... It was an ok movie really. the explosion was way too big to be anything near beliaveable though.... it was a gas tanker explosion.....

when everyone was suposed top be asleep the teachers would open the door to check that everyone was sleeping... in an instant all the lights comming from cellphones around the room would turn off... It was great... then 3 seconds after the door closed they all poop back on... e-mail is great when you can't make any nosie....

The whole thing was funn except when I had to do school work the next day and was wishing that futon would float into the class room so I could go to sleep..... every one was the same I think.


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