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Monday, February 23, 2004

ahhhhh. Exams... so much to study for..... 5 hours just studying today you know, it is really boring.... heh, yea right... 5 minutes is more like it. today I had tests on Electricity and Japanese. I think the first test was ok, not a passing grade, but ok. I didn't turn in my japanese test. I could't anserw any of the questions. but tht is for peoplel who speak Japanese for 16 years of there entire life! I had less than one. It was to be expected. tomarow i have more tests that i will fail and wensday I will pass thoes 3 tests. I'll blog about them after I take 'em though.

Today was only 2 hours long so we went to the small hotel my hostfather is finishing up on and I mostly vacumed the finished rooms and stuff. It is the same one he's been workng on for 2 monthes now. It should be all done by the end of the week. The third floor has to be done still though. THey have LCD TVs in all the rooms. and 3 of them in one of the big rooms. that is nice!!!!!! they are smal though. 3 chanels to choose from. :P

After finishing up for the day we went to an Onsen as usual, some new one that we just drove around and picked one. It was nice but nothing compared to the ones we normaly go to.... but it was half the price of the ones we normaly go to. 2$ per person to take a bath, Japanese do wierd things huh, but I suppose you fill up bath water and heat it it goes over 2$ in the end anyways huh? on the way there we saw a ton of wild monkeys eating in a small field. THEY ARE SO COOL! the go t litle red faces and the jump around. I wanted to go pet one, or feed one, but couldn't. agian no monkeys for me.

Still studying Kanji with LeaRN Japanese more than ever, everynight. The have been more update recently to the program and its starting to get really good, I have almost 500 kanji learned, but I only knwo the english meanings. Its ok, I figute them out in teh wild from what i learnd. like no smoking and other stuff. I just figure that kanji out yesterday(no smoking)

I will write up a post of what i did yesterday too.


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