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Sunday, February 01, 2004

I went to kendo yesterday, even thought it was the weekend. I never went before. I never thought about it really. It was really hard becasue it was all musul training that day, not hitting people and stuff. Kendo is getting me into shape I think... That is making me happy happy. My arms never stop hurting from the amount of effort I put into it every day. But that is a good thing.

I accually had lunch with friends from Kendo yesterday. BINGO That was so great, then I found out that My American friend from Tamana was down town. I went down town, showed him where the good bookstore was for English books, then went to the best place in Kumamoto(the top of PARCO). They have everything that is interesting up there, Imported stuff like A&W root beer, hippy things and Zippo lighters. the good ones too, not the crappy ones that fall apart.

yesterday was a good day. today we whent Park golfing. Its like minuture golf but its real golf. The ball is bigger and the is only one club. the greens are still farly long though. Forgot my camera,cellphone and PDA at home. no pictures...

I almost forgot to do my reports too. That isn't a good thing. They didn't yell at me last time when i was a day late. That was really Shocking too. Another schocking this is that my grampa in America may have figured out how to watch the movies I put on the Internet. How he did that is a mystery and a half. I put them there and I find it hard to get to them.

In my last post I typed Japanese. Did any one see the Japanese? If you know what Japanese Looks like, Was it Japanese or Chinese. I may need to add a line in the Web page code to make that work right if it didn't show. I was trying to add pictures today, but park golf poped up and can't miss that just to put Up a few picture that no one will see for a wwek anyways hu. But my luck everyone will check tomarow morning to see if there is an Update.... なぜみんなはげんきじゃないですか? おれはパークゴルフじょすですよ。これの日本語は大丈夫ですか?


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