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Saturday, February 14, 2004

well, I forgot what today was....... When you don't think about these thigs they just go POOF!
Click the image to make it bigger, Just like the Picture pages.... #14 added by the way

It was so great to see the cake.... they told me that when they asked the cake baker person to put English on it they got a couple stange looks... All he had to work with was how they seid my name.... and kinda how I spell it in Kata kana デレク。
It was a genuin effort and I liked it.. the cake was delicious too... they gave me a wallet and a pair of grey pants.... Just what I always wanted..... So my first family had it right on the nose to just ask what I wanted for chistmas insted of geussing... I have a really nice leather wallt with my name on it that my aunt and uncle gave me at there wedding for helping and I quite enjoy that one. Although It destorys any plastic card I put in it after a while... about a year.. there is a brass button/ bar that holds the coin pocket closed and it puts presure on the cards in the middle.... But If I'm carful I can bend the thing in such a way that It ...blah blah blah... well its all good now that I know about it... Credit cards and drivers licenes on top is safer.... I did need the pants though, my old pair were looking a little bad... but, I like my clothes, and shoes.... ;P getting new shoes took me 5 monthes after I really needed them...

oh, I got a e-mail today that says they are canceling the Japanese class I been looking forward to at the Sault high... Noot enough interest or somthing... but wait a second,.... when it was just me It was alright but with 5 or 6 people ther isn't enough interest..... somthing funny is going on.... I'm trying to fight to keep this class again from the other sid eof the world... not an easy thing to do.. a lot of e-mail whent out this morning to various people..... Last year(2002 really) I got the class started for me to take by myself. but the class was Japanese 2. It rotates every year, class one class two..... SO I had to wait, I'm sure a lot of paper work was done to get that set up. the for tis year I got it going agian for a friend and he took over once I found out I was going to Japan. He got a few people to sign up and take the class were I really failed I think. but a few people dropped out or didn't take the class agian. He is trying his best to get Japanese 2 to get back in motion, If it ever was, and So am I. when I go back I want to keep practicing and talking, hopfully have a career that will put me in Japan every now and then. tech firms I hear are in need of this kind of service. especialy Manufacuring plants.

Oh, and I see not only di dI forget to post dad's flash animation but there has been a page 14 of pictures for about the same time now that hasn't had any out side links yet.... Gomen! I also found the code to make you all mad at me and get the site to display right, as in Japanese not Chinese. you all hav eot down laod a japanese laguage pack I think one time, If you don't have it already. UTF-8 is the codding for Japanese ANd I need to set this in the encoding meta tag... YA FOR ME! If you don't Download it nothing will change..... if you do, you will see my horable Japanese, but Its ok, you can't read it anyways..... i could bash my head on the keyboard with Japanese turned on and you would think it was a poem... ;o

well that it for now... I procrastinated way too much and not I'm tired... I read a conspirisy theory on google..... it was scary... and wierd..... I still love google.... CIA I wont touch....


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