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Sunday, February 08, 2004

.....well, American dad's b-day was wendsday and I had this set up to Post a nice flash animation up saying happy birthday but then I get an e-mai l about not saying Happy birthday and stuff. Confused I look here and what do I see...


ほら, I am starting to put HTML in my posts. I cant get to the animation untill I get to school. I must have left it on the computer there and not uploaded it to the server. Its not there anyways. can't say It was very good anyways, my first shot at doing a flash.

well, yesterday I whent to this rotbot biulding thing that Matsushima sensei told me would be intersting. he...ha. ho... the most boarding 5 hours to be had in Japan yet... (Oh i feel the urge to use HTML)

  1. It was ALL junior high students. I thought it was high school class
  2. It was about basic computer usage and a little bit of Z80 microprosseser usage.
  3. He talked for 2 hours on copy and paste......... OMFG, 2 HOURS!
  4. There was no programing or building involved, everything was prebuilt

there was supposed to be 4 classes... HAHAHA. I almost left after the first hour. I could have learnd to use the bus os somthing.... I did learn to make flapping oragami birds. so WOPPI DOO to that one thing in the day. even some of the junior high students just slept. I kinda onder if half of them went today, I didn't.

We whent to a bonsai selling thing today first. the miniature trees. My mom here boaught an ornge tree and a cherry tree. both look dead but the ornge tree came with ornges, go that was a good buy I think. THere was also people selling yard decorations. but this wasn't like flamingos and knomes, these were landscaping designs. with HUGE bolders, trees small rivers and stone lakes. I took a few picture that Will be up soon, you know my definition of soon.

I'm working on a program for my school progect, end of year is this month, one day for graduation in march. Everyone is doing a report of some type but I was told don't bother with anything, but I will. not a report though, they can't understand it anyways, I'm still waiting to hear about bout my eassy I did for health apon request during a test. I know he can't read it but A for effort and putting up with me in PE.(being late, not having things because people leave me out of the loop, ect.) how did I start taking about that.... back to basse here now... It is a program that will be able to update my picture page from one button push. when I sync my palm I will in thery check my picture fold for pdates resize them, rename them, generat a new page and FTP it on to the web. Also add descriptions to the picture is a deam I have, butyea right on that one, 221 picture to type a description for is a little harded than I want to work. I know the code exist to to do first things though. I want to do It myself but time is not a thing i have much of. *(see below later)

Insted of that momo chan came and we saw a movie. My host mom ans momo chan saw finding Nimo(The one wiht the little fish by disney) and me and my host dad weren't to thrilled about the movie so we whent to another theater and saw hollywood homicide. can say it was the best movie but it beat seeing the fish movie.

After, my mom decided that we should go shopping for shoes and jewlry... Americans an Japanese are quite alike hu, me and my host father agian found a table and sat down for 20 minutes while she looks at jewry, didn't buy anything after all that time though. they did get some shoes though.

Finally we got to a resteraunt and i eat a huge crab... It was a monster. momo decided to help. witch was no problem. It was just the legs this time, I dind.... get the canch to eat all the good stuff inside the shell.... get the chance it a good way to put it... It was good, then There was nothign unusually that happend, but it sure did beat sitting in that cold classroom witha bunch of junior high students listing to an old guy talk about flapping birds and basic computers....

Tomarow I will have Matsushima's head...  While the teacher in the class was talking yesterday I had lots of time to try and read the flyer that Matsushima gave me telling what days to go... what did i see in the middle of the page.... 中学生
with means JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT.... Well thats over with.... and I'm glad. today was accually a fun day after all, and I found out how to make this sitte obay my comands to display JAPANESE! as in not CHINESE! but i still need to put that code in.... ;P just a too little lazy at 11:53

Think I got influensa after all, but throat is really starting to hurt and starting to cough. nto enough cold medicin and I will have to fight my host parents desire to go to the hospitial.... It will happen, they will want to go... and my plan at the moment is to stay in my room and nat let them have anyclue untill it is gone. If it starts to get ugly. Heres a good Image of JApanese.. "oh you eye is haging out side of your head, I thin kIt wil be fine, Just wait 3 days and If it doesn't go back in will see if we can find a doctor." AND THIS "OMFG!!!! you have a cought and a feaver that is 2 degrees above normal! I'lll can an ambulance, you need a doctor!!!!" (If you remember my small fever and eye injury in october This is my referance)

oh, movies... Yea, let me get back on that..... 今はできない。VIRTUALDUBはむすかしですよ!。デコダはありません。
My software of choose can't decode my video and If I can't do that I can't encode it eather.... know where there are nice codecs for virtual dub foating around? I need them because I forgot how to set The thing up or somthing. not high on my prorities. The're not too interesting.

Below later

*WOW... Its tomarow already... I came back to type this paragraph and I became tomarow.... 15 minutes ago.... good night I have somthing funlky at school tomarow and i don't know what it is.....


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