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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

seems I need to tell people about my host family that I am with now. My new home is 20 ~ 25 minutes from school by bike every morning. mostly downhill in the morning and up hill on the way back. They own a construction company and it is attached to the house. Both biuldings are 2 stories tall and are technicly attached, but it is like a duplex; you must go out side to get to the offic sections. They have a warehouse and lumberyard out in the middle of nowhere for all teh big stuff and keep small and expencive things here at the house. Unlocked and almost in plain sight. The office has a DSL connection , I thinkk, that I get access to Via 802.11 wireless network. It really gets slow somtimes, but othertimes it goes like lightning. I have to pu my computer on teh window sill to gett a strong signial though.

The area name is Toshima, 6th block. IT is on the very edge of the city, I see fields of rice and stuff growing out side my window and Biking into the city is no problem, but coming back is kinda a pain. It is 40 minutes on bike to shimatori, the big shopping distric where everything happens. There have been mafia shootings at shimatori too. I missed the action by about a half hour once. I take the dogs for a walk out on the field roads. There are 3 dogs here, some Japanese breed I think. one male, two females. If you don't let the male out of his cage he won't let you touch him and is mean, but after you put him on a lesh there is no problem, he's happy.

My host mom does office things most of the time. My host father goes to the site and works. They are nice people. WE go to an onsen every weekend, especialy one u pni the mountians, it isn't as crowed often. sometimes we go to one in the city that is really good sized but there are lots of people there all the time. Breakfast is the same every morning; a boild egg, toast, yogurt, milk, and half a grape fruit. It is some diet they are trying and I just followed lead, no need to make a special thing for me. although every now and then they change the toast with a Japanese style BLT. I told my host mom how to make them and she messed up but it was good so she kept it. She doesn't cook the bacon. It's weird, maybe just a little heat is put to the meat.

my host father insists on Ice cream every single night. Tehy buy a tone of Ice cream from 7/11 every week and come home witha bag full of varaities. I usually eat the cone type Ice cream and he likes the ones that are like pocicles. m host mom just takes what ever, no preferance.

Every weekend ther is somthing to do, there always seems to be somthing involving gold every other week at least. I whent to an accual golf course my second week in this house. It was fun, I got a 116 or somthing like that. I don't remember exactly. It was ok, my score that is..

they always go to bed at 9:00 or some time near that. I watch CNN or discovory chanel for a while usually then Go to my room and practice Kanji and typeing. Read my mail and send out replys. Catch up on websites that I like to read often. Send e-mail on my cell phone to friends like Ben in Tamana. I update the web site during this time now. I get to sleep around 12:00 or 1:30. I study kanji and typeing for 2~3 hours depending on how My tieredness level is. I don't get to sleep untill then any ways. School is at 8:30 and my host mom yells for me at 7:15. I can eatin 15 minutes take my time waking up after that and be out the door at 7:50. My first/next Host family wakes my up at 6:00. I like this setup.

Time at night gives me lots of time to write long reports like this when people want to know things. I still need to get programming again and finish up that Picture page update soft. That is what I will finish my night tonight doing. I practiced untill I was sick of kanji. Typing is an endless struggle that I fight hard. I think tonight I have a record low typo and "..." count. I have about an hour and 45 minutes till I can sleep. Maybe I will cut out early because my cold is starting to fade out. That means I should be able to start to sleep soon. No big classes tomarow at school; English, Japanese with the boring teacher that wants to sleep more than me usually, then four hours of computers. I probly Just jynxed myself right there and Java will be over this week. There are only two weeks of school left for this school year and March is no school.


^ still working on how to get everyone to see Japanese..... aparently UTF-8 wasn't the best way. can anyone see anything other than boxes?


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