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Saturday, July 03, 2004


Alright, I put it somewhere... It just wasn't in my suitcase....

Ah, the love of my American keyboard, it looks so weird and I can't type on it. The apostrophes is in the wrong place along with the @ sign.

I brother is in go-kart racing now..  and he has a portable DVD player too.

My parents did more work on the house and I have a new(smaller?) room. But it is Japanese theamed with CHINESE all over the place... Its not finished yet, and there are no doors and my bed isn't finished yet.

there was a lot of spyware on the computer.

My brother is big. Like big big.. And still chubby. Same face though.

My dog had cosmetic surgery. He looks a lot better now.

The grass needs to be cut, so I will have to get out of the house before they see me.

I will try driving today when people wake up, they don't trust me to remember how to turn on the car. Well truck now, I can't wait!


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