Me in Japan: A small speech

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Monday, June 21, 2004

A small speech

Today I wake up and remember, "oh yea, I have a speech today infornt of the school." SO I do to school and realize what i wrote for a speech it 3 sentances long. At that point I go to the English Office for some Japanese help.

I spent all day working on it and it was fine by the end of the day. I got up and read my spech flawlessly infront of 1300 people. NO problem it was 15 minutes long and I demonstrated how to fold an American Flag properly.

After the speech The school ggave me a thing of flowers and someone read a small thing to me in English. Very good English I would have to say but taht may be slightly bais.

I in return gave Kumako an American Flag( that I Had just folded as part of a presentation.) I learned a bunch of Japanese for this speech today as well and that was fun. I will use the same speech on Thursday at Rotaray.

I am thinking of reading it to my American Rotary club too, I love this speech, I can't beleive how much better it was fromteh speech i gave only 2 monthes ago in Japanese at a conferance here. From the begining of my year, it is infinitly better.

ahhh 10 days left in Japan.... It is way to soon I think. Maybe it is Just right? I can't tell right now.

I have one speech at Rotarty this Thursday and then I have 2 more tings to do. Buy the last few people some gifts. 3 people I think, I know I will forget someone..... then Lastly I need ot make sure my badsare under the weight limit. And send the stuff hoMe via Ship that won't fit in the bags.


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