Me in Japan: Last Day of School

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Last Day of School

Today was my last day of school. I Have a lot of things that I may have to do this week so I thought I would take a week to relax and walk around and stuff. I need to get a ton of stuff in the mail to the USA as well. that means a many people will have to wait for their gifts because I cant get them on the plane. well 2 people at least.

My suitcase is 45 kiolos now and I am allowed 32.... a little over weight I would say.

This mornign was normal, I woke up eat slpet some more and went to school. I got to school and parked my bike in the, as usual, over-crowded bike parkign lot thing. I got to the calss room and nothing unusual. I was told to go see teh chemistry teachers today during the first class break and I stayed though the boring Math A Class.

That trip ot the chemistry teachers offic turned into going to all the teacher offices and saying gooodbye and stuff. That took 2 hours. After that was done I was told to go upstairs to the computer room and somthing about a video. I went up and see people playing with Lego mindstorms.... 3 minutes later a teacher called me over to teach a small group of peopel how to set up an FTP server in Linux. 5 minutes there and I had them set in the right place to get goign as they were following a book, I headed to the PC room.

I got interveiwed by a couple 3rd year students on camera for the end of the year project that will come up next febuary. I also seen a friend crying because her boyfriend will probly leave her. Oddly, she told me before any of her other closer friends... I suppose she liked me more than she let on. I knew it but whatever, no time left in Japan for a girlfriend.

After that I headed to English already half over and Did my little teachign thing that I do during English, I read things out of a phrase book and alter them and they say it back in Japanese. I have done that for a long time now. Todays class was only half an hour though

We had a surprise party for me in the seminar house, that means we had air conditioning for the extended, hour long, lunch time. There was soda and small snack foods and stufff plus most peopel bring their own lunch so that was it. I also got a gift, a book of pictures form the last week of school. It looks really nice but they took a ton of pictures of swimming just in spite of me saying that I REALLY didn't want any pictures of me in a swim suit.

After that was programming and we had a accuall programmign exercize that I finished in 20 minutes, surfed the web, read e-mail , helped others the last 40 minutes as usual.

Last class was helth and ther was a movie, I got out when it was half over to go talk to the principal with some rotartians. That lasted 10 minutes and I think it went over well. He had important school bisness to attend to so he had to cut out quickly. Although I went to teh class room to grab one of my bussness card because I forgot mine. And he was gone, left for home.

I left home with all my school stuff and took a few pictures with my cell phone. No one is alowed to have phones at school, including me, but I didn't see much danger in it being my last 4 minutes at school.

I came home, looked at my pictures and feel asleep. now I updat web sites and read my mail agian. THen I will go to sleep.

O watched the K-1 today too, K-1 is a fighting championship and there is this american called bubu(bob) sap and he hasn't lost all the time I have been here and he fell today. He was kneed in the balls though. That could have had somthign to do with it. Ouch.


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