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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Gift buying

Well, I have to admit i only have 25 Days left in Japan before going to America. That means I have to buy gifts. I thought leaving a month of time would be lot of good ol fun, but no... I should have started a month ago and left 2 monthes fo rbad things that always happen. I7m cutting it close but I have a frend of a freind that owns a store that was able to rush an order for me. Mom's gift is done, Little brother is done, Dad is done, One Grama is done. I'm half way on one friend... the million other people that are left I'm not sure what to get. I sent home Japanese Tea fo rchirstmas so I can't do that again.... I'm beat for ideas.

I'll think of something ang then forget and end up buying somthign in the Tokyo Airport knowing me..

TAhts all fo r today, and I still havn't yet missed a day posting pictures! Keep checking that site every day!


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