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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The boxes from HELL

Ok, I knew it was going to cost a lot to get all my [stuff] to America but this was just great...Not.

First of all, I had a chart to tell me what things would cost and I got everything loaded and checked the weight... I took the time to look though all my stuff and sort out the stuff I didn't want, mostly school work that I didn't want anymore. and socks.... :D

I got everything arranged just right at the moment, my allowance per bag is 32 Kilos per bag on the airplane. One of whitch is at 31.5 Kilos and the other is at 31.7 kilos. I hope that my bags don't eat anything from this time and friday.

I have my carry on and it is at 8.5 kilos and is packed... It has a lot of breakables in it that I didn't dare put in my other cases. I hope the guy that opens them 2 suitcases for inspection in America has fun.... I did when it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to zip the thing closed because things were piled so high in there... I took out the paper that I used for padding and used socks to save on weight. A nifty tip for everyone. I had no room for socks anywere else anyways. I have them both shut and I hope that I don't need to open them again for 3 days.

I have a box of Kendo Armor(12kilos) from my school that I am bringing home. I have a box of books, school stuff, and CDs and things.(15 kilos) and then I have the Hell Box, It contians my gift for dad and my brother and my shinais. It is 116CM long... the longest box that can go via boat is 100cm... so that extra fee was 6700 yen. about 67$.

I'm not sure if it will still go on the boat ir if that one will be going via Air... I filled out an EMS slip that makes it seem like it may go by air. But then agian.... It may just go by boat...

And this was just about as scary as it gets.... While typeing the above I looked at the recpits to look up somthing that I was going to type and realized that the street and number(an entire line) of the address was missing from the CC. I had written my name and city, state, zip only! I ran out the door forgeting to lock it and down the steps. I ran back up the steps and locked the door. then I walked very very fast to the post office, about 200 meters up the road from here. The place was locked and shut.... I rapped on the window for a good 30 seconds, or a minute, and started walking around to the back, I could see the lights on thought the top of the window but not in the building itself, the curtians block all the view except the lights. I knew that they were still in there. As I walked around the building a guy was coming out to see who was making the noise. He let me in the back door.

I told him about the mistake and he took my to a room with my boxes and let me change everything. SAFE! I hope. that was a really close one, guess what box it was, yes, it was the Hell Box...

Back to the last bit of my story now that I am back in the house and rechecked my CC's 39 times or so. The final cost of the shipping for the 3 boxes...28850 yen I better not get fined at the airport for anything, I have done a lot to get in that little window that airlines gives you...

Lastly, I had to get money form the ATM, 3 times, to pay for this. At fist I got an extra 10000 Yen to cover, then I needed 3000 yen to cover my miscalculations. Then the Hell box made me go get another 12000 yen... I machine ran out of 10000 bills so it gave me all this money in 1000's; that is 28000 yen in 1000's.... 28 1000's that was fun...

*scared voice*
I hope it all gets to my house in America

I did nothing but pack stuff and burn all my pictures and other documents to a cd. I'm ready for the day after tomarrow.

A friend's boyfriend left her last night... She has my cellphone e-mail... I did't get much sleep untill very late last night.... that was interesting though. To bad I'm leaving in only 2 days, she liked me. (^_^)


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