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Friday, May 14, 2004

Today's test went very well I think! I had physics, programming, and Math A. I thought I was gonna bomb physics but I think I got at least a 60% on it. I forgot the way he wanted me to put Acceleration down. So about 3/4 the test wasn't done. That was more than I thought I would finish though.

Programming was a piece of cake.. All except one question that I didn't understand the Japanese on, If it was what I thought it was then it was just a little ice cream to go with the cake. Nothing hard at all!!!!

lets not talk about math A..... I completely forgot anything that I had learned before... Its statistics math I think.. The beginning of statistics. It could have gotten a 50% at least if I had memorized a table I had in my notebook.... That was all in heighsight though.

As for the new picture blog... I have 20 pictures you never Seen before up on the web, I have put up a bunch everyday. If I can get on this computer once a day to check mail and post pictures that will give you a nice reason to come back and check on things every day!!!! I'm getting though my Osaka trip pictures at the moment that are well over a month old, but YOU never seen them before. Comments are still broke at the second, If anyone wants to struggle to post a comment they can very well do that, but it's far from perfect[or Done].

I'm contemplating learning true CSS and transforming the site to XHTML or something like that. I think it would be fun If I had the time to do it. Maybe I'll though in a few minutes every now and then to doing that.


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