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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

oooohhhh, shiny! Blogger, the site I use to make this blog and host it on, has go a new look. It is also owned by Google along with many other site on the net. I happen to think Google gets a lot of things right. Blogger one of them, Blogger was accually acquired by Google last year I believe and This new UI changes is easy on the eyes. Just a side note that none will understand except me, but that's ok.

I have been doing stuff despite not posting, I think I try to check my mail once a day an then neglect my website, but I really do try to get in one post a week, 3 a week is my real goal and 7 would be massive sweatshop production that if I could I would do. I'm not interesting enough to do that though. I do have a really good Idea, even if I am late. I was watching the news and there was a blip of news about camera phones in America and people think they are evil because perverts are u p-skirt-in g[I had to do this to make MSN stop giving search results for this topic] people with the cameras.

I sit here in Japan and laugh at the report. I reach in my pocket and pull out my phone that has 2 not just one but 2 cameras integrated in the thing. One faces me for using a video phone and the other is used for taking stills that is on the side of it. It was supposed to be stylish but it is just, well, not. All cell phones in Japan have a camera on them now. Its not an option is given that if you have a cell phones that you also have a camera on it. Nokia makes a phone with a decent camera in it and there is a big outrage.

that led me to my idea. I can take an Idea that was meant to be evil and use it for good. Most people seem to do the opposite. If I can get a PHP script running on my school server I can #1 get all the pictures from Japan Uploaded in about 2 minutes( I have another 150 or so that need to get on the net eventually) but # 2 the script I really want is so that If I take a picture on my cell phone I can E-mail it to the server and have it post auto-magic-ly to the web as I sit on the bus or train or where ever I am. I am gonna start working on this little thing now and see if I can't get the administer at my American high school to enable PHP...


Now on to Japan. There are the monthly test right today tomorrow and Friday, and they are hard. I thing I did fine on the hardware test but I definitely failed Japanese and Math I. We are doing 'basic' trig in that class. I was really dumb for the first 20 minutes and didn't understand what the test wanted from me until it hit me square in the face... So simple. The Japanese test gave a lot of Japanese trouble I think I guessed one right though. Hardware was great, Matsushima Sensei[Japanese Lesson: Sensei is like Mr. but for teachers. It means Teacher.] Had a test in English for me, but the first, and largest, part of the test I didn't understand... It was a good try at English though, I think I figured it out in the end though.

I'm going to go to try aikido in about 40 minutes. I have no clue were I'm going but I have been told it is near an intersection that I do know about. I might get there, I might not. Whatever. It's free to go the first time and then if I want to practice more I can pay to join the dojo.

from my Knowlauge aikido is combat system that uses your oppoent's energy against himself. It allows old people to fight and overcome young strong people in flights. There is very little energy or strength used in aikido. The way it seems is that aikido is more of a self defense system then use to attack because you need to enemy to put out energy and then unbalance him before you can use any moves. I'll tell you all more about it after my first class.


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