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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Ok, I go tto school for the first day after golden week[the week that the nation of japan takes it vacation] and we have 3 classes today and a baseball after school. the entire school had to go and support the first game of the season. It was about 11 KM from school on bike and it was very slow getting there, over 1200 studens biking their way to the ballpark.

It was a game agenst Tamana high school, The school Ben goes to but Ben didn't come. The game was 3 to 4.... Kumako won!!! It was won in the 12th inning, 2 outs, 2 strikes, 3 balls. THat must have been some pressure.

that was all that happend really. I came home hot and sunburned and turned on CNN. I wanted to see some story but it never came on. and now I forgot why I wanted to see CNN. It looks as if there is a lot going on in the world.

well, thats all folks, I(ll get to THe okinawa story later, With pictures. including the 200 I have saved to put on the web some rainy day.

matta ne.


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