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Saturday, May 15, 2004

I want to make sure everyone can see all the new pictures that are up, there are 25 and I plan on adding 4 or 5 a day until I run out, that will still take 3 months at that pace. I wonder how much storage that website is giving my for Blogger.... is giving Blogger users free picture hosting, I worry for how long and how much space do I have.... We'll find out, hopefully not soon.


I think I'm getting better at kendo now, I hit a few good Men's during practice. That isn't English{Men} It is Japanese; Let me explain. In Kendo[Japanese lesson; Ken:Sword, do:Fighting style{ex:judo, karatedo, kendo, aikido}] you have 4 targets on your opponent; Do is the stomach, Kote is the Forearm, tsuki is the Throat, and men is the head. The way you strike men is to leap forward with your left foot and extend you right foot forward, at the same moment that your shinai hits the men, you yell, "men!" and your right foot hit the floor. These 3 things must happen at the exact same time to maximize your power. I read in a book that it is possible to generate over 850KG[about a ton] of force with good technique. There are stories of people having there foot go though the floor, and I can believe it...

I was trying to exercise the best technique today and my foot is killing at the moment. Now I go to aikido again to learn to fight with nothingness.


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