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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

[Edit Ignore the part about it working and the comments... Its not working... :( ]

Ok, well, I got the site "patched up" It looks ugly but It works. I will try to put in a few 50 or so pictures if my computer in my room doesn't die.

PLEASE, if you would, look down at the lower right of this box, and all boxes on this site created after this date, and see the comments link? Its in a light color and will say something like "0 comments" at this point in time. Click it and then add you comment to the post, its easy, fun, and you get to tell the world about what you think about my Adventures. It will also e-mail me to me new address that I wont give out to the internet, I happen to like not having ANY spam in my gmail account.

....Its my first name followed by that simple. I don't think that anyone that has read this much of the site would spam me. And no "spiders" can pick that off the page. I hope.

I'm off to tinker with the template for the picture page[you can get to the NEW picture page by clicking the respected link to the right of here... Inside the picture navigation box, if you still don't see it. For any one that still can't see it, New site Link Don't bookmark yet, I will more than likely change that link in a while. It does feel good to be able to no have to rely on the School servers..... They are really slow and old by now. After I graduate I will lose that space anyways, I'm so happy.

It looks like I have gained a new leap into the webpage with the new tools I have been given, I hope these tools will bring better experience for all 12 of you who visit my page every day! I lost my Google pagerank of 1 though, that made me sad...... Oh well, I have only myself to blame.


Ok... IT7s half working, try to post acomment just to see how it works and stuff... Its time to go to school, I had to speed code this, and it dosn't look pritty. thats for later

By Blogger Dereck, at May 12, 2004 at 6:50 PM  

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