Me in Japan: Bye Bye 3rd years.

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Monday, May 31, 2004

Bye Bye 3rd years.

I just found out that all the 3rd year students leave the kendo club so they can study after school. Today we foted a new captian of Kendo club and the winner was Yamada!!! should be interesting, He has a new routine set up for daiyly practice and he has included a new techniqu that I have been wanting to practice scince I seen it. I have tryed, unsuccessfuly to pull it off but now we will practice it everyday and that is a good thing.

He took control today and we start training under him tomarrow... not a lot of diffeance I suppose. Just a new routine.

I gave all the People that fought in the tounement CDs with video's of the game I took on my phone, They liked that... A lot more than I thought.



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