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Thursday, April 22, 2004

WOOO I'm a happy camper right now.... I got a gmail account! That is one gig of e-mail storage for FREE! from google!

It is still in Beta testing but look soooooo nice! and I have a GIG of storage! a GIGABYTE!. My yahoo mail is already yelling at me too buy more storage becasue I have been keeping my e-mail while in Japan. now once I find a way to get this old yahoo mail transphere I will never need to delte a mail agian!!! When it goes public I want to get all of my family on gmail. off of spammail i mean hotmail. Hotmail is horable. the storage is small the spam filters DON'T work well and they use pop-under ads....

a google serch of gmail will give you tons of info on the service. Its pritty nice. THerre is the whole privacy thing, but that is more of a conspiricy therory than anything... I thin kI would trust google over any other web site on the net.... Maybe that is a bad thing.... Still not gonna give out personal info to google but they can hold my mail for me.

I had heard about this a long time ago and wanted in to the beta testing but its closed and invite only. How I got an invite? thats a secret.... :D Because there are few people tha thave accounts I was able to get a REALLY easy user name to give out... dawonn is memorable by ME becasue I see the reson behind it..... anyone that knwos me can remember the new one.... YATTA! no excuse for no e-mailing me!

I'll tell you how it is from the inside, I think there might be a secracy thing were you can tell about it spacificly untill it is made public. I think it will be soon though. THere are sites taht have all the goods for you if you really want to read about it.

I accully wanted to tell everyone about my 2 bike accedents that happend 2 days ago.... that got over riden by my getting a gmail account!. well the front wheel was totald and I got a few minor injurys.... It was on the day of the sports test too...... I have to post about that too... how about tomarow or so....

I'm happy, じゃね


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