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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Well, Its been a good week, I didn't know a week had gone by though. I have a couple boxes of clothes I never wore that I brought here reader to ship home. I'm trying to get people to buy some Shinais, bamboo kendo sticks, So I can ship them all at once. They are too big for the airplane, and probly too expencive to send them home by air, Ship is the way to go. I want to have friends buy a few so I can fight them, how will I do that without armor you ask? Taht is a good question..... Very carefully... ^_^

I found out how fast this host familys connection to the net is kinda. I have 5 gigs dled in 2 days and the busy light on the modem never blinked once. I also found out how slow the computer in my room is... I think it needs RAM, badly. Oh well, I don't use the computer much anyways. Just my cellphone.

Takashi just started highschool this spring, Spring is when Japanese Students start the school year instead of Fall in America. His school is 30 minutes away by car and almost all uphill. He dosn't want to wake up early to go up a mountian on a bike every morning. It is quite a long way from the house, so he will stay in the dorms at the school. Kumakou, my school, also had dormatorys for students. He has been doing cleening all the time at his dorm. All the freshmen have to do the cleening pretty much 100% of the time. His school Is a High school and collage mix. He will have classes mixed up and leave high school with a collage degree, i think he has 6 years to go there though. norma Japanese high school is 3 years. Junior high is 3 years long as well.

Meanwhile, I am a 2nd year student now. The was one day of scoll last week for us. We changed classrooms and listened to the staff introduce themselfs along with a new principal. That was a long time to sit on the hard floor. Our new room is one room down from the old one and is a little smaller. Just a little though, we have more windows though, I think. Real classes start tomarow. The second year students have a choise in there scheduals, physics or chemisrty an World or Japanese History. I took World and physics. I have secret love of pyhsics, I like the theorys. I hate proving them... MATH!!!! But chemestry is math only, and a few pouring chemicals together. I took world history because as much as I want to know about Japan, it would be a class the biulds on past knowlage that I don't have. I couldn't dream of passing it in otherwords, World history I have a little knowlage of, I may pull a D or even a C in world history. Thats what most of my friends are taking as well.

I feel Curplue-tunnel creaping in, matta ne.


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