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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Oh, so I'm eating dinner and my host father says, "oh, your going to a new host family tomarow."

That is my excuse fro no updatesa and e-mail cheecking. bUt I did findout I NEED to send stuff home Via ship now. the suitcase was filled up, both of them. with stuff I bought while here and school unifore things. I've got a box filled with clothes I have yet to were while in Japan and have no plans to start doing so now. I'm still keeping many that I will more than likly not wear but Oh well. My suitcase just reaches the limits of the airlines now, so t's allll good, for now. I also have a box of nothing but homework and papers form school that took 5 kilos just by itself that I will SHIP home. I won't need any of that immediatly when I return and I don't need it now. so off it will go. I wonder what it costs to send Via ship.... Lot less than goign over my limit on the plane thats for sure.

I broke down and bought 3 kendo shinei sticks. I was gonna get 4, but decided to get 3 only and use the money saved for a littl annoying kid that can't use a computer so its ok to talk about him here. I got him 2 shinei so we can fight when I get back. Without armor.... that might be a little dagerous, but i think a pillow will work out ok for practice. :D :D :D I need to get money from other people that want a stick so we can fight and stuff, they are really cheep so e-mail me if you want one! I'llsend them all at once to save shpping. probly by ship so it will be about 3 monthes form now before you see you bamboo beauty. Kumamoto have the lowest cost sticks in Japan, not substituting quality I suppose. they have more expenciveones too, but the cheep onse are good forf practice and stuff.

I want a metal sword!!!! If I hav e money after buying gifts, I'm gettign one..... Everyone that comes to Japan have to Buy a swrod right? 300$ of shining beauty, And I know how to wield it too, kinda. We been studying in Kendo how to use metal swords. even though we only have wodden ones and bamboo sticks.

HARAHETA!!!! matta ne.


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