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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

More hazing and making the Freshmens lives miserable has been going on, but now ITs really calming down. So far.

There is a sports test tomarow. they record our times in various events and stuff and compare it to the year before. I havn't got a year before so I just get to see this years data. SHould be interesting,


Kendo IS still great, some of the freshmen are playing now. they are good compared to me. But they all are nowhere near the others. THe Captian of Kendo opens right up on them and today one guy walked away with an arm that was redder than a tomato. meanwhile, THere was a mesuring tape in the locker room and I had all my armor on, click click click click My waist wiht armor on is smaller than it was when I got here. SCORE!

Oh in related news, Kumakou told me to bring my Armor home to America in July! やった[yay]!!! New kendo armor costs around 2000$ in Japan for a quality set. {this set that I have} It is kinda old and there are lots of unused sets in the kendo room that havn't been used in a very long time and they were debatin gweather to though most of it out. I might also get to bring a set home for a friend to I can keep pracitcing in America. But why did my frined have to Spend all his money a couple weeks ago? Shipping It gonna hurt I think. Speaking of witch I need to send them boxes out tomarow. I may take a holiday from Kendo tomarow.

Matta ne.


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