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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Friday, April 02, 2004

I am finally back from all the running around the country of Japan now. Still going places tomarow, but thats only Aso so its not that big of a deal. I think i will be going to Kumamoto castle again tomarow morning as well, the trees are all in full bloom right now and there are people from all over the country to see our little 'ol castle in Kumamoto. Other than that there is Kendo every day. That is about all of the plans i have for spring break, that was quick so I put it first. now for what I already did.

Fist i went off to Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. My school is really top notch in the baseball section, accually, my school is number one for sports in Kumamoto. In october or smthing we won the regonals and got invited to nationals for baseball. it was 50$ to get a seat on the bus and there were a lot of people. about 45 people to a bus and Kumako had 19 busses go to Osaka. that is a lot of people. well, the bus ride was a long 10 hour night ride and we all woke up in a theme park parking lot, Expo land. I was told it was a great big place back in 2000 when I came to Japan and here I was in the parking lot of the small thing. it saw so tiny. but oh well, we couldn't go in there was no time and it wasn't open.

Off to the stadium that wsa still a was to go but all the bussese had regrouped together and we had a caravan of 19 busses going though Osaka. that was as sight to see. We get in the stadium and see the game befor ours finish up and move to the Kumakou section of teh stadium. we had a huge section to ourselfs, as did the other school.

The game, it was long and we did a ton of cheers and stuff; like the superman thing, and the kumakou hand spelling thing. niether of witch i wish to start to discribe. we lost the game 0-2 but they are the favorits to win and have been doing just that, winning. i think the lost a game today to seikei or somthing, it was in the last inning and I didn't see it. I want them to win becase thta woul make us look a little better losing to the number one team only. Although that was our first game. It would make us #2 or something in my head at least.

after the game we headed all over to Osaka castle, and that castle is quite small compared to Kumamoto castle accually. But the Osaka Castle is more shiny, it was gld a long time ago but now it is brass because people like to steal that amount of gold. All the casltes are the same thogh, except my host father tells me the lighting rod at the top is accually gold but it would take a huge crane and a whole lot more time to steal that then can be done in a night so they leave it there. cool trivia I suppose. In the shop there were little plates that were about 3 inches in diameter. the had pictures of sumo size samurai having sex with the same sized woman.... it was funny. I took a picture. nothign graphic mind you but the was enought information to tell what they was doing...

That was a one day thing, Ride up on a bus the night before ride back the night after and then sleep the entire day when I get back. The day after sleeping i headed to Oita for a rotary convention thing. The average endless talking and telling us we don't know enought Japanese. BUT IT WASN'T THAT! no it was accually enjoyable! we sighseed around oita got into a ew companys that were there and got into the opening debut of a new aquarium in Iota! The Aquarium was across from teh monkey mountian thing thta I missed out of last time I was in Oita. lots of monkeys.. LOTS of monkeys... And then there was alsoa few MORE MONKEYS! a couple hundered were in the park and just walking abround. A couple of them had a fight. that was fun. I'm sure I could think of many other things That i did, but I can't at the moment. It was really fun and enjoyable though, so that was good, now I'm gonna go to sleep.

I havn't had time to get on the Computer in a while here. and It seems that Is how it will stay for a bit. I like it. I should open one of them things called a book and study... I think I WILL! Here i go! this book says "learn" and "Japanese" on the cover. so I think I'll read it.

matta ne!

*Its late and this person is tiered for no reason at all* Oh, I have about 250 pictures to add to the web after getting set p to do so... that is a lot of pictures, need to sort them first. bye bye


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