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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

And let the Hazing begin.... ;D Naguta Keike gave a talking to the JOHO['Information System' which includes all computer courses] freshmen. I only cought the end of his speach but they were all looking pritty scared... none were makeing eye contact with anythign but their desks and feet... they all yelled really loud 'I understand!' at teh end... he had complete attectino and contol of that room. After, maybe caused by Keike, there were three students bowing and saying good afternoon/Morning to everyone that walked by that wasn't a freshmen[I'm not a freshmen]. That was fun, almost all the second and third year students walked by them after that, I bet their thoughts hurt after lunch break was over. :D

I'm taking physics. And he had English printouts from a book. It loks like its about as old as the school, 106 years old. Its called "Advanced Collage Physics". I read the chapter on speed and velocity. A simple concept that a 6th grader can understand; maybe a 5th grader. The way it is worded made my head hurt... and it made a couple referaces to caculus..... My head hurt, I need a dictionary for one word, My head hurt.

But for cleening, My group has..... The administrator room....... *Bun ban BAAAAAAAAMMMMMM* NO ONE like going in there.... There is one really scary guy in there and he is way bigger than I am...... A Japanese that is bigger that me is odd, THAT much bigger is scary. But so far so good, I met the Vice principal and talked to him a while... He didn't know ther was an American at the school!!!! They also feed us dongo once... Wasn't to my likeing but I didn't turn down the bear-guy.

It was an Interesting day.


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