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Monday, April 12, 2004

All the First year students(AKA Freshmen) we intorduced and stuff today. The cerimony included us singing the school song at the new students and stampeading them during the first "OSE!"(like a greating but only kinda.) For once the guy holding the flag, a friend of mine, held the flag high and at the proper angle... that was a first accully.

Then after a few people seid things I don't have a clue about, THe brass band gave a performance..... They are that good. The band won the 2nd best in teh nation tital at a compitition and I see why. THey played 5 songs and did all the marching and danceing you expect of the second best High school band in the country. I was amazed at the people with the tubas, the though them in the air making them spin and cought them, then played more..... If you ever held a tuba, you'd know why that is impresive....

I was gonna cause HAvok fo rth eFreshmen JOHO system students(My class) but I lost my Fist year student badge.... I was gonna go pretend to be new and just cause random Havok, but.... Oh well. It was all right when walking thought the hall a freshmen bowed to me and yelled "Konechiwa"[Good Afternoon]... That was cool being on the reciving side....

YOSHIA![Alright!] I'm off to burn in the 27 degrees celcius weather. ATSUII[Its hot]!!!!


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