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Friday, March 05, 2004

Today was even better! In kendo at least, I wa in full rotation and doing all kinds of hitting! and more getting hit than anything. THe gloves are smaller than they should and so when i get hit there it hurts... i accualy have a few bruses from the gloves. I mostly practiced mei witch i hit the other person on the head. I did that alot today. and a little hiting on the wrist. i tryed dou(stumic) a few times too but it just didn't work. These people are so fast. I get hit 10 times in the time that I start to swing my stick. It hust for a while getting wopmed on the head but its all good now. NOOOOOOOO PAAAAAAAIIIIIIIN! I also got into my full armor and sunck a Picture in while the teacher wasn't looking. Weather I get that up tonight demends on the storm and the cold. IT's cold now and I can barly type, as if I ever could type.

I think today just seems al the better no thatI accually get to fight in Kendo! for 3 months I had to earn this buy pracicing by myself. now I can't hit people without annoying them. But I missed pretty bad on the last fight with the captian. he dogded by leanign back and i got his wrist that you usualy never get hit with a mighty blow. sent him running arround the room a few times I could imagine that would hurt.


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