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Monday, March 22, 2004

Time flys so fast here in Japan! Where did the weekend go??? And the end of last week too while I'm looking for lost time.. oh well, I could go back in time and write a few posts,b ut I won't bend the space time continum for that...

well, In Kendo I have all my armor and people are hitting me on the head and stuff. I hit them back, all teh same, Usually its me getting hit a million or so times befor i get in one. The other students have trained my longer and harder than I have. The captian has been playing for 12 years i think he said. that means he started when he was five years old! Thats a lot of practice!

Well, I maaged to win a match agenst 2 people last week, Both times they both hit their head in schook that they got beat by someone that has been playing for about a week in the ring. The teacher then yelled at them after for being so weak that I could beat them. It was funny so I didn't mind the insult. This was all last week.

on saturday we did what my host father loves and did nothing! Both of my host parents fell asleep oon the floor. Then after they woke up 6 hours later, Me and my host father went to the driving Range and hit a few balls. We go every Friday too it seams. My host father loves golf. He used to do all the things young men do like smoking and going to the casino and making freinds in the Japnese Mofiea. But he quit smooking 2 years ago and stoped going to the casino and started to golf. "Golf is more fun, you win a WHOLE lot more, and it dosn't cost a 1000$ per day."

Sunday we took a drove out somewhere got off the rode somewere else, and just drove pretty much all day. We stoped at som ecaves and went in... I should have known, It was all paved sidwalks and stairs going thought the caves. and ther was all nice lighting in though out the cave. It was still kinda fun though. next we drove some more. There is suposedly some pork that is only in the mountians that is really good but we couldn't find any and choose a noodle resteraunt.

Right next to the resteraunt was an Onsen, wiht REAL mineralwater coming out of the gound and stuff, not the fake stuff that I think is at most of the Onsens now. The water felt really differant there. I don't know, it was weird. How can water feel differant??? It Just does. Thats how. I almost left my Jacket there, that was the only excitment for the whole day really. Becase of out late lunch we ended up going to Joyfulls and getting a quick bite fore supper at 9:00.

Today I had my last Java Class for the Year. I don't think I have it next year though.... In case you have no clue what I'm taking about, I have explained it in the past, The japense shool year starts in April. The Spring vation is 2 weeks long and when we go back we are a year up and there are freshmen to tourcher! In japan you really do get to Tourcher the Freshmen and the TEachers are there only to help you in doing so. from whatI hear at least. I plan on makeing sure a few of them know Who I am during the first week. Don't bow to me when you see me in the halls and you die freshie! Japan has perks.

Tomarow is the last day of class, Then there is a cerimony and half day of school on wendsday. After that is spring Break! I still have to go to Kendo though... School clubs never sleep! I have feeling they will take a short cut and have an hour fo practic or somthing like that.... Kendo is great.

My school is going to Nationals for Baseball, as some may recall from long ago. the game is on the 28th of the month during Spring Break. they are takign all the busses and loading them down to the max with teachers and students and a few of us are going to Osak to see the game and be on TV. With 2Americans in the cheering section of the school, We'll get on TV, no doubt. A lot of people are going too! Almost all of the Kendo club, a couple cute girls from the second Year JOHO class, Danial sensei(I said 2 Americans will be there, This is the other one), and a million Teachers.

should be interesting... I'm working on somthing nifty now, Time to get craking and codeing!

matta ne!


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