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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ok, well today was awsome.... kendo was awsome I should say. The teacher seid that I should put on some armor and go hit people.! OK!!!!! I have been praciting by myself for what,? 3 months, 4 months and i finally graduated up to getting into rotation. accuall rotation. working harder than I knwo why. I got my helmet mask type thing and put it on and it is REALLY uncomfortable, I'll get uesed to It I suppose.

I missed someones head completely and hit his shoulder. that was a bad thing. I cccam instucted to only hit on the head for now, no wrist neck or stumic hits for now. I might get to do them in a few weeks i guess. I got my "present" form kouchi today at rotary. my Cell phone bill. not bad accually, no extra charges for over use this time! only 55$ for broadband in my pocket, THat is accually good compared with a lot of other people's bills that are on the old system. usually around 100$ a month or more. thats expencive. I Have a huge rollover i have to use up this monthefrom not using it much the last 2 monthes so I downloaded wom melodys. they are cheap, 300 yen for 15 songs. they are ok i suppose. sent a few e-mails. you know, the usual. games got boring. i am sucha a tech lover! there is a new foma cellphone out now and it is calling me!!!! oh it looks so nice!!!!! oh well, i don't need it, wouldn' really use it.

Oh, I can kinda speak japanese, At rotary i spoke for at least 20 minutes with some lady rotarian that was collecting money. it was intesting. and then I gave a short speach and it was no sweat.

Oh, and watching the news recently... does Kelly think he REALLY has a chance agenst Bush? come on, Bush id doing fine as he is! You put a democrat in the office and what does it do but cause al the military movments to be useless, you pull out or Iraq and the Iraqis will feel used and mistreated and abandoned. not a good thing. GAW at least one of them guys came to the realization and left the race while he was behind. Bush for a second year Is what I have to say.let him finish what he started.

My 2yen for the day. BYE BYE!


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