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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

ok, Last week there was no school for 3 days and then a half day on friday. nothing teribly exciting happened. I should tell you al about white day though.

In japan there is Valentines day and White day. On Valentines Day girls give boys chocolate. Guys do nothing. There are no little cards that you give everyone you see in Japan. What color do you asosiate with valentines day? Red. Ask a Japanese person what the oposite of red is and they will say red. look at the Japanese flag. It is red and white. so they made a day called white day for the guys to give back to the girls on. But It would seem that not many accually do. But, insted of chocolate the guys give cookies instead. This all happens on march 15th by the way. I, being the nice guy that I am, bought all the girls in my class(there are 8 of them) cookies and had them individually wraped and all the Japanese custom stuff. nothing big, and I gave 2 friends in Joho 2 nen sei(Equivilent to Juniors in my class) cookies. I got speical little baggy things for the managers in Kendo and my host mom. ran me 15$ for a whole lot of individually wraped cookies. It did take me 3 hours to find the place to buy them though.

During this day I also went to Kumamoto castle and took a bunch of pictures with me palm camera because I Just thought I would. I will get them up soon. VERY soon, I'm working on them now. Well accualy I'm typing in my blog right now. I have neglected it in the past week. along with My Kanji Studying... I'm getting in to it agian though. It'll(Is that a new word?) just be a couple days.

today was the class match. All the classes have a tournement agenst each other. The frirst year students played basket ball and the second years played soccor. All the girls played dodge ball, and it was a mean game i hear.... Well anyways, we came in second place.....from last.... Interior came in last, not saying much for My class, Joho.

tomarow is like the last day of class. I think. next week we have closing cerimony and then spring break. After that we start a new school year. It is the Japanese way to start in april wiht the bloming flowers of spring I suppose.

Ja ne!


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