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Sunday, March 07, 2004

I did somthing rotary today. we went up to som muntian and planted trees. lots and lots of trees. took a few pictures that are still on the camera, I'll get them eventually. I have to put someting on page 19 really quick, I just found out that I made a mistake and added 19 pages of pictures when I don't have 19 pages of pictures... opps...

well, that was all intersting and stuff, and the we eat some hot food thta was realy good and i eat an umeboshi. (they are not very good) We got home at about 1 in the after noon and we all fell asleep in the living room. I woke up and went to my bed, it was too cold downstairs. it snowed a little this morning and a lot on the mountian. i got a mouthfull of Michigan in Japan.

did The usual Sunday thing after we woke up 3 hours later, went up to the mountan onsen(hot spring for if you havn't figured it out) I want to add Onsen to english, in two years Onsen will be in the websters dictionary, you just wait and see! We had okonomiyaki for dinner and that was REALLY good. missing Lunch yesterday seems to have put me back in cycle of being hungery around dinner. Okonomiyaki is noodles with some stuff on top and an egg fried on top of that. then you have some mayonasai i think to spead over it with ketup possabley..... REALLY good, possably my new favorite food.

now I'm going to practice Japanese. Ja ne!


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