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Thursday, January 22, 2004

You would probly think a person from the UP of michigan could deal with a little ice and snow. It acculayy snowded a good inch today, but its mostly gone now. this morning I made it al the way to school was turning into my bike parking slots and the was a nice patch of BLACK ice. After I got up I was sondering what I slipped on. nothing but a few sparkles of glare revield themselfs. GAH! scraped my knee up pritty well, but my bike is ok. for once. I did kick it once becuase it hurt. Bled for 4 hours nice and slow. oh well, its fine now.

I'll try tomarow on the FTP; The computer was still yelling at me for somthing, I think they have FTP blocked because its not everyday normal people use FPT programs. small hurdel.

Even though im really far south it is still cold. Around 0 degrees F, -5 celcius. that is my geuss, i don't know the formula for convertion, all I know is that is involves a 5 and a -32.


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