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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Sunday, January 25, 2004

Why o why can't I get FTP? I got to look into that i think the router is blocking it. atoude.

today i made pancakes for my hostfamily and the loved them andthen my mom trys to make so more and runes out of milk. well and extra egg and water should be the same as milk right? that was one bad idea that i never touched. so the next batch is a little ...... blah.... still edible with lots of butter and syrup though. they liked them still.

after wi went to my host fathers lumber yard and warehouse for his construction company. there we painted siding, lots of siding. i loot a few picture because it took forever to paint it all. ugly gray too, i hope that was a base coat, it looks hoarable.

bu then I got to see the Last Samurai finaly. If you havn't seen it go see it!!! its my story with war added to it. yes i do wear that samurai thing in kendo and do fight with those wooden swards. but when versing each other we use bamboo sticks and armor. that looked like it hurt pritty well if it were real in the movie. The movie really got the facts down, that new wepon in the movie was a real wepon at some point but it never realy took off if i remember right. I know somone that might know for sure. Kendo still rocks.

We were in a resteraunt for dinner and some guy starts talking in ENglish to me, he was anExchange student to canada 19 years ago or when he was 19. that was weird. and the was a guy that was in rotary with him that asked if i was with rotary. then offered me bottol of champain to finish off. then remembered about the no drinking rules from when his exchage and took back the offer.... like i would have taken it anyways..... but it was funny a whole botle of champain becase we had a slight bit in comone, Japanese people are great.

I'm working on the colors of the site to make it readable for everyone right now but weather i finish or just make things worse is yet to be know for tonight.

i have aspeech this wendsday and I'm still not ready, not cheat sheet alowed. i better write somthing up tomarow i think.


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