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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Well, here is my big surprise for you all that i have been waiting since newyears to put out. My celphone has an decent camera and movie function on it.
I can save it to an sd card and put in on the net from there. You need Quicktime to play them. *note: you just go righ tto the bottom and click download now and you don't need to give you e-mail address* if you can figure it out and get them to play good for you enjoy my crappy camera skills. The ten minute long ones are 10 minutes long each, the length my camera can take for and are around 10 megabytes. Thats about an hour for a 56k modem and 2 hours for grampa to download. They arn't incredibly exciting to me but you get to see things. My initial Idea was a weekly updated web movie thing were i'd just walk around with a camera one a week and every sunday though them up on the web. that would force me to do pictures too i think. (still go to do them agian) At some point i'll put them together to make a "nice" movie. hence the production page that is a joke realy.

the shorties page hase moveies shorter than 10 minutes that just happen to fall into my SD card. and then onto the server. there are more interesting things there I think, IMHO( In my own opinion ) they are up, but unless you readead this as i'm putting them on the server. in that case try in an hour or so.

becasue all teh picture pages are done by hand the links are old and may not work at the moment. but links of this page a fresh and green, well purple on this monitor. I really need to find a new color theem before it drives me more crazy I have a girls web page design. how did I not see it!

enjoy th movies if you can. If you have trouble, I'm always open to e-mail, spam is getting boring.

Happy B-day gramps!


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