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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I love kendo. If you don't know what it is let me TRY to explain it with out typos. Its like sward fighting with sticks. the sticks are usualy made of four pieces of bamboo held together with leather are the ends. Your right hand goes on top and your left on top. When pulling back the stick It goes over your head and touches your back, then the person launches forward brings the stick over his head at high speed hitting the opponent on the head with great force making a victory. At the same time at you hit the person's head your foot smashes on the floor making as loud and painful as possable tud that shakes the floor. If it dosn't hurt, you did it wrong. The students in my club are very fast and can hit each other 3 times faster than I can say wow. No joke there.

The uniform's pants look like a dress at first glance, but I assure yuo they are pants. The top is matching color, blue, and is held shut by two strings, oneinside, one out. Armor that Kumako has is plastic, it covers the chest and stumic and another set of pads go below it that are blue as well. On the front of the pads is the name of the school and the fighter's name. the mask is metal anis held in place by strings that magicly work. There is no pain when you put on the armor, but your arms and legs dont have protection.

There are 4 ways to win. mei:head,kotei:wrist,dou:stumic, and tsuki:neck.

next picture update will have a couple pictures of Kendo club at Kumakou. From the move to the new host family I seam to have lost the CD i saved my program to... probly the same disk that had my speech I lost on it.

today was cold and tonight will be really cold. -5 degrees celcilus. I don't know what that is ferinhieght but it is cold.

looks like I got som sort of regularity back in the blogage now, so see you all later. got to find that CD, know its around here somewhere.


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