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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Wow you accually thought to come check on little ol' me on chistmas!!! And if its only chistmas eve then come back tomarow and think of me then...

AHH! you see my chistmas present to all of my readers! I put up a couple more pictures and changed the entire site so it all looks the same! It took 2 days of hard work getting this all to look just right... YOU BETTER ALL LIKE IT! but if you don't E-mail me, especialy if you old people out there can't read things. That is my only concern realy. and with a little elbow greese I can change them fonts.

As you see on the right side of the page is acess to all the post of past days. I ran a quick, 3 hours, spell check on the posts in December. I didn't reread them to make sure it was all good, but at least all my mistakes are spelled right!

Picture navigation is simple as pie, just click any of them pages one though 10 and you will see my pictures. Notic all the pages look the same and uniform! Isn't it great? I like CSS now that I understand what it is. Tables are my friend too! touch tyoeing is starting to speed up as well, that means less typos! We hope so at least. Also a new picture up today!

I also have that last little link box at the bottom there. I'll put links there from now on so when they are outdated I can remove them in a short time instead of letting them rot on dead pages. They smell bad after a while. hehehe

A big note of interest is that this page will be upsted constantly, but other pages may lag behide a few days or weeks depending on my LL(Lazyness Level)

Finally, I added a link to a site called LRNJ. It is a game that teaches you Kanji. I have 350 kanji and all of kana down thanks to that game. It's still alpha though ans looks like it will be great when, if, it is finished.

meri kurisumasu minasan!


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