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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

wow, Saturday I leave for Hokkaido, then after that I get 2 days and leave for Hiroshima, then the day after I get back I have a speech and Christmas party type thing at rotary. then on week later is Christmas and more important winter vacation n, that starts the day before Christmas and lasts 2 weeks, after witch I become a second year student.( Japanese school year starts in January. this should be interesting, so I have 6 days of school in December excluding the test this week which are 2 hours long Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, no school Thursday, maybe Friday>>>

I have to have my bag inspected tomorrow.... hum, that is new....

My host Rotary had to take out an insurance policy on me for me to travel, apparently I have to have a specific piece of paper or something....... Don't know, but it was done before I knew it.

Oh, my phone e-mail changed. Apparently spammers in Japan like to brute force all the new e-mails out of the system and because mine was so short every spammer in Japan seamed to have my e-mail in 2 days. I had 10 spams and never even gave it out anywhere. My e-mail is nice and long now,


I don't want to type out my e-mail completely in one spot because programs called spiders crawl the net and save and e-mails they find and then spam them, I learned from other sites I have done.

Had more tests today and they wasn't good. Chemistry and social studies.

Sent a small box of stuff home after say I was going to since almost September I think. Um.... I've been really bissy..... Yea that's it, I wasn't forgetting or being lazy nothing, honest!!!! ^_~
40$! And it was a small little thing too!!! geeeeezzzzzz I think I'll have my host mom come next time, just to make sure they weren't pulling a bag over my head. It was 1.83 kilos ok, I just did the math... 4 lbs... *Shiver*

ja mate! I'll post before Hokkaido I think, if I can.


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