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Saturday, December 20, 2003

OK, now a little article about spammer tactics... You all know because everyone gets them, them e-mail Christmas cards. You really need to be careful about these, most of them are used to capture your e-mail and the e-mails of all your friends and family you send to. Lets say you go to a site on the web and it is a Christmas card and has a "send this card to a friend" button. You put in your e-mail and the e-mails of friends or family. They get this really nice card. And then they get 9 spam mails every day for the rest of there e-mail's life. But this is a really nice card and I want to send it to a friend without giving myself and that person a ton of spam! What to do. This is the easiest way to avoid spam; copy the address of that page you want to give to a friend and then e-mail that to them instead! That way the spammers can't have your or the other person's e-mail! YAY!

I went from 3 everyday to 9 everyday because of one e-card being sent to me. If you get a card in your e-mail and what to forward it, that is also safe too, because your not giving the spammers any e-mail addresses.(your all good grandma) So if your mad at someone you could send them a couple e-cards via the e-villa or send someone you love the e-mail way. ;) That is a catchy phrase there!

Yahoo is the cream of the crop of free e-mail hands down now. Yahoo junk filters managed to catch ALL of the spam that was created by the cards. THANK YOU YAHOO!!! That is almost worth paying for right there! Oh, they also use the Google database for their searches I think.... YAHOOOOOO00000ooooo


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