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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Saturday, December 13, 2003

Ok, my next host family is Okamura family, a guy and his wife. No kids. No computer. No internet..... Few bogs....

I will be there for about 3 weeks probably. Then I come back to the Kawaguchi house.... no more host families lined up is what my host father told me.... :p

I have to give a speech in Japanese at my rotary club... in Japanese.... that’s NIHONGO! As in not EGO (English)... I had a teacher translate my speech for me, but he was lazy and put it off till the last minute and forgot that I couldn't read kanji... (I know he was lazy because another English teacher told me... they share an office) So I asked him to change it to hiragana please, and oh no problem, ok, I’m cutting it close now but it’s ok. Next day nothing, next day nothing. Trip to Hokkaido and I pray that is finished when I get back. I forgot and completely didn't touch it. I had another teacher in another department end up translate it and to try and add pressure to the situation I sat there wand watched him, pretending that I was just studying the kanji as he typed. He had no problem quickly taking that kanji down.

I now have a nice Japanese speech that I can KINDA read and oh let me see.... 4 days to practice! I should have had 3 weeks; I typed it up a month early and gave a week for translation.... GAHHHH! H!H!H!H!HH! Luckily its only 10 minutes. I hope.

This week I have my trip to Hiroshima for some conference thing and I have to give a speech there too, but in English. No sweat.

I hate Christmas shopping right now...... I found one thing for one friend that he said he wanted and nothing else. Looks like everyone is sharing a box of cookies at the moment, Hokkaido cookies at that though!

Well, there’s an English movie my host father just popped on... looks good, another war movie!


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