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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Friday, October 31, 2003

Ok, my japanelse hasn`t impoved much at all, i can understand a lot more that i can talk, thats for sure. I`m starting a special instructiion with my english teachers to learn Japanese. but it@s only 2ce a week!

I`m also in keudo now, but thats not working the best. It`s gonna be 2 monthes befor i can touch a bow. Oh, keudo(quedo) is archery, japanese style. the bow is more that 2 meters tall and there is a strick position you must keep. shooting it requires 8 steps. its nothing like 'normal' archery. except your tring to hit a target with a stick...

Were training agian for another event.... the 21K marathoan thats 21 kilometers! I have PE 3 times a week now because of the english lessons taking up the space of a PE class. 2 are for running 5 kilometers, the other one is for Judo. Judo kicks. We get to throgh people across the room and pin them to the ground and stuff like that. Yes, peole can through me across the room with judo technics, just take a moment now and picture me flying across a basketball coart wih pads on the floor. Yea, it hurts... I got some nice injurys on my hands from hiting the floor a little hard. ;P

well. i`m off to shimatori agian. CYA!


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