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   Rotary Youth Exchange student Dereck tells all of his trip to Japan for a year. Can you manage to figure out the typos???
Thursday, October 23, 2003

yay! i made it to shimatori! It was only 3 blocks away from where i turned around yesterday! but 3 big city blocks i might add it takes almost 5 minutes to get down the street... I was luckey, because most people are at work or school and there wasn`t many people to confuse me.first i crossed the bride as i did yestedday and took a right. I whent under a briges and then kept going, after about 1/2 a mile i decided that this was turning into resedential area and turnd back. i got back to the bridge and saw the street car rails. I know these got past 2 places, shimatori and Kumamoto station. i crosse the street and took another right. followed the train tracks to Kumamoto Station. ok, that was the wrong way, as i turned around and followed them back about half way i noctice there was the bordwalk i was riding my bike on a little while ago. i crossed the street whent back to the bridge and started over. this time i crossed the street were the bridge came to a T with another road. I didn`t see the crosswalk the first three times by. after following this road about a while i seen the streetcar rails agian and after crossing one more road i say shimatori. I had been here before and just to test my knowlage i whent by Kumamoto (jo/castle). being very happy now, i turned back and parked my bike. Its a school rule not to bike though ginzadori and shimatori. I thought this was common scence. I locked up my bike under a brige crosswalk thing with a million other bikes.

I crossed over the huge bridge thing and took a picture with my palm of the main street. I never seen biuldings so tall, i can`t even imagine seeng new york biuldings. a 17 story biulding made me stare, i want to see the sears tower and empire state biulding more than ever now. I have been on this brigde too, i kinda felt like i knew what i was doing and then i walked down Ginzadori, the feeling of knowlage left me right there. Ginzadori has a million stores but dosn`t have a roof the stop the rain, it just a plain street that was painted blue. After getting half way down this road i was compelled to turn right and go down another road, which led me right to shimatori. I began to walk the VERY large shimarori, i bet if this bart of town were baught by one company and formally called a mall it would make the mall of america look like walmart. Its huge but really it it isn@t accualy a mall, its just a secion of the city a bunch of people biult shops in. there are 2 Mcdonalds in shimatori, one at each end. one of them is really small and dosn`t even have anyware to site, but the other one is 2 stories tall with a nice pace to sit and watch people on top.

Oh, incase it wasn`t obvious, Shimatori has a roof that covers the whole street, no cars are allowed to go on it, but there are cars taht cross it. you have to watch out, because it is just a street, and cars do use streets. I have a few picture from the day, look for them soon, i have lots of time tomarow to just get the photos to load nicly. i should also have time to get the good camera working too. I hope. who knows i might even write my own code, i have learned much in my Java programing class, but not all computers have Java. &< Idealistic dream, i`ll probly end up with another freebie peice of code agian that does a half-cooked job.... CYA


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